:) Not my BEST days. 3 pills dutasteride

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26, 176cm, 62kg? (i was 67 1 month and half ago)

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3 pills of dutasteride. 1 each 48 hours.

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3 pills 1 week

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Cold turkey

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Inmmediately after third donde.

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-Changed metabolism. From mid/high rest heart and normal Blood pressure (120/80) to bradycardia (42 bpm) for two weeks ore more and now a little bit higher rest heart rate but low pressure (100/64).
-when asleep i wake Up gaspering for Air and almost fainting almost everyday.
-Since yesterday I watch TV and i dont understand anything. I read and i forget what i read.
-Ammonia smell in my brain

What (if any) treatments have you undertaken to recover from your side effects since discontinuation of the drug?
I used alprazolam (0.5mg) to sleep during 1 week, then they changed me to bromazepam (2 weeks) then changed to lorazepam. Right now im quitting every benzos.

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I took first pill and i felt Heart palpitations at night, that night i couldnt sleep, but that not was the first time I experienced that, it also happened to me pre-dutas when i was anxious. So i kept taking it. When i took the third dosage few hours lster i started to feel anxious, i had panick attacks and had blurry vision and dizzyness, felt my scalp vibrating. Went to ER. Everything was “ok”. I calmed that day and i could sleep. I wake Next day almost recovered, went to the computer to play and started feeling again that blurry vision. Later, when It was time to go to sleep i couldnt, when i was about to fell sleep i had like a heart spam that didnt let me, happened every day

Since i couldnt fell asleep and i was not sleeping i went to ER after three days. Diagnosis: Extreme anxiety. Medicstion? Alprazolam

I could sleep and rest again.

After a week/2 weeks Went to Psychiatrist (i was aware thanks to this forum that i couldnt take antidepressants/antipsychotics) because i wanted to have a control and didnt want to get addicted to benzos. I told her that i couldnt concentrate during the day, that i had like a vision lag and that i couldnt concentrate reading (but i could watch TV and understand everything). She changed me to bromazepam and i had a planning to tapper off the drug.

I felt decent for the time I was under bromazepam, i could read, blurry vision was way better, etc.

Then i started to experience changes with my resting heart rate (low heart rate pulse). Also started to feel some numbness in my limbs. First in my legs. Also had again problems sleeping (bromazepam was not effective against Nocturnal panick attacks). Went to ER, they prescribed me lorazepam. Could sleep again.

As i said above, i started to experience new weird symptoms. I started to feeling numbness in my limbs. I had weakness in my right hand them in my left. Then subsided.

I thought that at lesst my cognition was recovering, but after tappering benzos i noticed that im in so bad cognition condition. Started to feel worse cognition, benzos were masking my problema .

I think i had something like a second Crash 3 days ago, while sleeping i wake Up almost fainting, thinking i was about to die. The Next day when i went to sleep felt anxious and was so scared, thinked it was my last day on earth. Told my family that i LOVE her and went to bed. Im bed Started to feel Burning sensation around my body and heart palpitations. I calmed and slept.

After that everything went worse… I can tolerate muscle wastage, even problems with heart, urination, and other physical symptoms. But since yesterday i have something that worries me.

Yesterdat, When i was watching the TV and watching series with my mother i couldnt Focus/have problems with short term memory, i was forgetting all dialogues, i didnt understand what was happening. I used to read this forum and i could read everything without problems, now i forget what i read. I see news on TV and i dont get what is happening

Now I fear waking Up and dont remember anything. I dont have problems right now with long term memory

Other symptoms that i have: i’ve had problems with my stools, they smell so chemically and were yellowish every day. I tried eating low fodmap and kéfir/yougurt without lactose

I also have big urination frequency. I drink and i inmmediately go to WC. The urine dont have smell.

I also have since my first Crash ammonia smell (phantosmia).

At least im Happy. I have the BEST family of the world and kept a lot of time with them. I Will fight. Im scared as shit but im not depressive.


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please hang in there,do not do anything drastic,it is still early, you will recover or at least get better, besides do not drink alcohol or tea or do too much sex activity,this is my experience from crashes
in my case,my sleep issue resolve itself after two months,no meds taken
i think the most important lesson from my experience is staying calm,stay touch with your family,and tell them your problems but do not scare them,and the hardest one is definitely avioding crashes

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the frequent urination thing will get better also after you reach a rather stable condition,it will come

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Hi xiaoxiao, thanks for your support!! I appreciate It a lot, trust me. Dont worry I Will fight, i dont have nothing to lose and i can gain everything. We just have one Life, :slight_smile:

I Hope that Frequent urination subsides!! Its a mess hehe feel like i get dehydrated.

I Hope you doing well :slight_smile:

I think im like this Guy

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Hang in there HH, I KNOW you will recover and this will all be in the past one day.

I’m taking some time off from the forum in order to try give my mind a break from PFS, and focus on my recovery. I’ll be back in three months but feel free to PM me and we can talk on Whats App. We crashed at the same time so it’s important we go through this together.

Also — just to let you know, my frequent urination was really really bad and it has almost fully improved.

All the best my friend.


:heart: Love you, man

Today i feel anhedonia for the first time of my life. Cant cry, cant laugh, im not worried anymore. Im like @paximperia or @Rb26dett . This is the worst by far. I LOVE my family and i cant feel nothing right now.

My issues with short term memory/concentration not improving(if not worsening)

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Bad withdrawal/just using benzos for long time I think that can downregulate gana receptors and can cause what @Rb26dett suffererded . He thought It was tribulus because he also suffered from muscle wastage and other physical conditions, but Michelle also suffered that with a bad CT and a bad benzos withdrawal. @Rb26dett went from 1.5mg clonazepam/day to 0.3 in a month if im not wrong then jumped to 0. But he said that he was already experiencing cognition problems when he was 1.5mg, maybe just prolongated consumption is what caused this.

The propeciahelp user linked above her story also had extreme problems due to regular consumption of benzos during only 10 days.

@paximperia had severe problems with alcohol and was taking benzos (i think that they both affect same receptors). He started to have bad cognition.

With this massage i want to alert this forum. Dont DRINK alcohol or take benzos at least regularly.

But i want to say that are ppl not affected. Users like @correiovip or @Ozeph used these things for long time and they didnt hace these problems.

Also remember the story of a Guy 1 week ago or 2 weeks ago that reported that his memory deteriorated in Christmas. He didnt know why but he said he drank alcohol.

I would avoid benzos/alcohol for ever.

I think that some of us are more sensible.

Ed: its difficult for me to read so maybe im wrong in some statements or miss things of the linked stories, if its the case, pardon me, i dont do It on purpose hehe

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I’ve been taking clonazepam 4mg a day plus sleeping herbs and antihistamine. My main and worst symptoms before and after crashing was insomnia. After crashing it became total. I had no ability to sleep.

I don’t drink alcohol at all and I consider it a poison, even in moderation (that’s my opinion, not a fact). I don’t think taking benzos is a good idea at all. Avoid it if you can.

I took it because without it I was handicapped and useless if I didn’t sleep. I have 3 kids and a wife that depends on my income. I kicked the can down the road and decided I was going to deal with detox when the time will come.

That was 4 years and 8 months ago. Most symptoms are gone and the ones left are very mild, barely perceivable. So the time has come. I reduced benzos and anti-histamine very slowly. I’m droping the dose by 10% or less and wait a month to get used to the new dose. Reducing 80% in a month is certain to cause withdrawal symptoms from what I’ve read.

So far I managed 25% reduction of benzos and 33% of anti-histamine. I had zero withdrawal symptoms and I can still sleep good, although it’s a bit harder on the first few days after a reduction. I’m actually more alert during the day. I will slowly continue to reduce. I’ve read 10% a month is better than 15%. I also read that stopping abruptly can cause persistent symptoms and that really, it’s a very long process. I read it’s better to tapper down on 1-2 years than to do it quickly. I’m not a medical expert and I can’t say if those figures are true or not but it’s been my experience that very slow tapper did not cause me withdrawal symptoms.

Good luck and my best wishes to those stuck with benzos plus pfs. As if pfs was not enough…

But I don’t regret my choice. I’ve made it through and those who know me also know I did other things to try and get better. I’ll never know if those things helped, but they don’t seem to have made it worst.

I wish all the best to you all.



Hi Ozeph thanks for your post and thanks for your time, I REALLY appreciate It. I think that you’re a Hero and that you fighted so bravery against pfs and benzos just to feed your family. I would be so proud if i were you.

On the other hand, its useful to see the two sides of the same coin. Thanks for completing my story with yours. We all know that its better to avoid drugs, but if u dont have chance do It as @ozeph is doing, please.

PFS is a hard condition, we have to fight for the future Friends that take this poison so they dont make the same mistakes.


In my case, i had to take benzos yes or yes, i had nocturnal panic attacks that consisted on stopping breathing when i was feeling asleep. I could have dealt with normal stress.

I remember trying to meditate or do EDMR and i relaxed but still had those attacks when sleeping


Surprisingly Long COVID and PFS have things in common… Both affect muscle and brain + Gaba receptors… One Gaba A receptors the other one Gaba B.

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I think it is important to clarify one thing. I don’t still think that benzodiazepines caused my second aggravation. I think it was just a normal evolution of pfs. It is important to clarify this because I have received some private from people concerned about it. They are still drugs with tremendous addictive power and can generate withdrawal symptoms just as bad as pfs, but I’m sure that was not my case and that you dont have to panic if your consumption is ocasional. I was able to stop benzos consumption easily.

I also have to clarify that with time most of the physical symptoms have disappeared. I no longer pee 20 times a day, I no longer suffer from bradycardia (treating hypothyroidism has helped, another medical negligence after months of suffering, my bradicardia was anxiety, rofl!), I no longer suffer from daily palpitations or intolerance to physical exertion, I don’t have those phantom ammonia odors, my sweating is normal, I no longer have that tingling in my extremities.

Cognitively I am still very bad, but I can understand texts and what I read, I can understand television and a text without problems, but I still have concentration problems and a very, very bad memory.

I think that all this is caused by my insomnia, I still have a very broken and bad sleep. Still live in hell.