Not much traffic on this forum the last time

There are up to 7000 members registered here. 500.000 frequent users at PFS foundation website. Where are you all? This is the first place Doctors and new victims look at. So please all lurkers register, tell your story. And all the members here tell us, do you feel better, worse, but talk to each other, don’t hang alone with your PFS live. Even if you’re totally frustrated, you’ll find someone who share the same situation. And you know you’re not alone.


If 1000 of the 7000 registered members came forward and took action together we could be out of this mess in a reasonable time frame.


I have been coming here way less as my symptoms have significantly improved


I want to be a force for good, but on the other hand I’ve found that for my personal happiness, it’s better to think about my symptoms as little as possible (they don’t change anyway). Trying to pick my battles and move on with life, we only have one.

I have been living life on same principle.

I would love to hear from you on what improvements have you managed and how have you managed them.

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What kind of action can help us get out of this mess?

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Raising awareness and donating to our research effort.

We have a monthly donation group in which each member gives a certain amount to PFS Network research each month. Would you like to join us?

Also, if you would consider telling your story on the podcast that would be a great help too. I recently shot an episode.


The same happened to Repairing the long-term damage from Accutane thread on, people were super active, but then, when you start seeing the same protocols suggested without much success, and old member left, the thread is no longer very active. People lost faith, the same is happening here, old member left, no universal protocol that we can follow, no new research, no new legit success story.

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