Not even one step of the puzzle has been discovered yet?

This is a general discussion to ask the simple question. How come we don’t even know the first step of how this disease was able to come to be?
I ve lost a tremendous amount of faith recently as I’m convinced we won’t see this to the end in the next 40 years at this rate.
This disease resembles too many other diseases that also do not have any promising treatments or cures. It is just too rare and fits in the category of autoimmune , hormone imbalances, leaky gut , leaky brain, depression, IBs, crohns, uc, stress which also have millions upon millions of sufferers. Not going to happen for them and not going to happen for us. Sorry for my negativity but that is how I feel.
Baylor study is BS.


Predominately those conditions you list are not caused by taking a prescribed pharmaceutical drug though. Depression and stress are just a way of life for many, including myself. What we have are medically induced side effects.That will always be our angle, who is to blame, Merck? Doctors? Ourselves?
Studies are needed to gain understanding and awareness on the disease. Once we have that i think its a snowball effect. Not necessarily a cure but imagine going to see a doctor and them emphasising with you about your condition.
Lets be honest, at the moment the vast majority of the medical community think we’re a bunch of nutters. So until the science backs us up we cant expect much different.


More than 2 decades of this disease on this earth already, still no scientific backup? The people who are to be blamed and punished are the mf company Merck who made this poison and these mf doctors who distributed this poison to the world and offcourse, the corrupt capitalism, not us innocent victims. We have not been able to even develop some awareness on this shit, forget about cure. Even if we want to start some research, to whom should we be donating? And are they trustable !! Will they be able to complete the research asap instead of making us wait for another 50-100 years !! This is never going to end. I wish someone started a research on androgen receptors and brain, 50% problem could’ve been solved by that itself.

To avoid confusion when i mention ‘ourselves’ i’m referring to my own personal situation. i’m partly to blame as i distinctly remember reading the possible side effects when doing my online prescription, but i still went through with it. Even though i read those possible implications, i don’t think i fully understood the impact them sides could impose on my life.
I understand, through reading other peoples stories this isn’t always the case and people haven’t always been informed of what this drug can do.
Raising awareness along with scientific backing is ultimately the way to go.

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