Non 5ari Suncreen/Sunblock?

Has anyone found a Sunscreen that isn’t a 5ari, and that doesn’t cause a crash?

I am aware that Zinc is an ingredient used in a lot of them, so I want to be careful not to crash from using it.

There seems to be few perfect answers to this. Interested to see what others post.

This is one suggestion, below.

However it contains some active ingredients, I think octocrylene or one of the others, which can convert into endocrine disruptors, or some other bad stuff. Would suggest searching on the active ingredients.

Edit: Also has green tea extract. Think I’ve seen something saying green tea is a 5-ARi. Would need to check.

Is there some list somewhere of 5-AR inhibitors?

1 Likeα-reductase_inhibitors hoping it will help


Thanks for this! I will look into it.

I see a list of 5ar inhibitors has been posted below.

I usually just type in any ingredient/food into the search bar on this site to find if something is 5ari, usually gives me a pretty good answer.