No stools coming out or constipation

I have a bad situation conserning to my gut. Nothing just comes out or its very difficult to get out stools.And if something comes out, the amount of stool is really low. And also stools are not digested well. So I dont know if I can call it constipation or something else, there is just nothing coming out.
What are the best protocols to follow at this situation?

I had a comprehensive parasitology test done few months ago and there was pathogens/parasites found. Heres a picture from the test outcome->

Also blood microscopist research was done. It did show that the pathogens were not on my blood so they are on the gut. And blood’s clean marker was about 88%.

I havent taken antibiotics for this yet. Have tried with diet, Umeboshi bloms and Colonic therapys (how wise are these?), probiotics, psyllium husk, etc… But going to worse and worse and time is running out.
Also my B6 and B12 was measured.
B6 was 338 nmol/l (range 35-110)
B12 was 255 pmol/l (range 180-700)
So B6 was really high. B12 is something that I would really need but is there any form I can use?
There are many warnings about Methylcobalamin. Just dont understand what it does cos its supposed to be the most natural form of B12. Cyanocobalamin also produces Cyanide on the transformation process, which is poison so not recommended?
Adenocylcobalamin, would that be ok?

Also my adrenals showed imbalance, especially at the morning.
Heres a picture of the adrenal test ->

So what to do about the gut at this situation?
I would really need to attack full towards to the parasite problem first.
All the good protocols are welcomed to this topic.

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Go to the doctor.

No use man, I have been to so many doctors and no-one takes me seriously.
Even on this situation.
When they see my examination record,
the only question is, should you consider going to psychiatrist.

When you say that you can’t pass stools, they say you’re a hypochondriac?

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To give you something practical, increase your fibre, lots more fruits and vegetables. Oatmeal for breakfast.

Yes, these are the basics what I have done a long time allready without any help.

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Alot of GI Drs are most concerned with running colonoscopies and endoscopies all day. They’d probably offer to run a ct scan on your stomach and if they see your backed up, recommend Miralax. They did for me anyways. If you want better answers it would probably have to be at a university or clinic. Any major city.
It is a good idea to keep things moving, because worse things can happen if not, so maybe try the Miralax if you havent. Not a cure, just a bandaid.

You also might want to look into this.

Autoimmune GI dysmotility: A new direction

I have been suffering from constipation for months now. Things that work for me are psyllium husk fiber (not sure how it interacts with PFS) and eating organic locally made yogurt. I’m trying a single strain probiotic which I’ll report back on if it works.

Like people are suggesting, fiber could be good, but it could also make you more constipated, so you might also try lowering your fiber intake and eating more cooked food. (Earlier this year I was eating way too much raw vegetables, which made me more constipated).

Some things that have worked for me

  • Digestive enzymes
  • l-glutamine
  • aloe vera
  • B12 (methylcobalamin) and D vitamin

Some things I’m interested in trying

  • magnesium citrate
  • low-fodmap diet
  • bile salt supplements

BTW, I also had blastocystis, and I cleared it with a nasty combo of drugs. (Didn’t help with PFS or constipation though).

I have also used Psyllium husk fiber (Biolatte Havitall) for couple of months but with no help. I think it has done the opposite. Now have been testing this sup (Oxytarm) with magnesium hydroxide. That loosens up the stool mass and help to get it moving. This have been somehow a little helpful. If I took it too much, the stools are too watery but something comes out. But thats not a cure also.

On my opinion, the root problem may be the nervous system. Nervous system cannot control our gut function. When our colon gets full, the nervous system should recognize that and send a signal to the brain to press the walls of the colon the help the stool mass move forward. Now when the nervous system fails, the stools are not moving. I was thinking, what would be the best ways to help/boost the nervous system? One is B12 but are there any B12 what we can use?

When speaking on my situation I think the digestion (all are not digested well) problem is the lack of good bacteria and excess pathogens/parasites. So long way to go with the gut. But I still havent decided if I go with the drugs or not. I have allready prescription for antibiotic Trikozol.

@Finfina “Prokinetics” like iberogast or low dose naltrexone could also be something to look into if you think that nerve signals is the problem.

I’m currently reading this book -, and I’m feeling a lot more empowered about gut issues now. Without some baseline knowledge its such a confusing area to investigate.

Thanks, I research those also.

But is here anyone who can tell about the B12, what B12 can we use?
And why we crash with Methylcobalamin? Is it just the dosing?

B12 is polarizing, but if it’s taken as part of a methylation protocol (where you start with potassium), it’s safer to try. Personally I’ve only seen benefits from methylation supplements, but I was working with a doctor who guided me through it. I don’t think that’s the case for people who had negative effects.

I dont know does it makes a difference what type of supps people are using.
If I would start B12 it would be this ->

That contais 1000mcg methylcobalamin and 1000mcg adenosylcobalamin. I would divide one pill to 4 pieces first so overall 500mcg for the combination of to B12 form.

Lately I have been using only these ionic form supps, mostly that superior source. These doesnt enter your colon at all, these melt in your mouth and enters straight to your cells in 10 minutes.

But I dont know if I have the courage to try adding this B12…

Drink 2 bottles of magnesium citrate you can find them at a pharmacy or grocery store and take 2 ex lax or dulcolax pills drink at least 8 glasses of water. Also get breath tested for SIBO asap you will not heal your gut if you have SIBO like i did. Inhibiting DHT which is also a CNS stimulant can break peoples MMC and give them sibo. I had the same type of constipation that does not feel like constipation its because your intestines stopped contracting. If sibo is postive i recommend 4-8 weeks of carnivore and a course of antibiotics. Do not use probiotics that are not supposed to colonize your small intestine dont use psyllium husk use miralax and get the estrogen out.

@MasterofPuppets - “carnivore” = meat only diet?

Yeah i only ate steak, ground beef, fish and sometimes liver and i had no vitamin deficiencies after the 6 weeks.

Did it help with PFS symptoms? Or gut issues?

So I have the kind of bowel-stopped-contracting kind of constipation now for the past few days. Could only go once every other day now for the first time in my life. Anyone have success with probiotics, namely ones that don’t increase histamine?

Would 2 weeks of carnivore diet still do the job? I can only afford 2 weeks of meat, it is very expensive here :confused: damn.

Also what spesific sexual improvements you saw with this diet? Did you also eat low carb veggies? Thanks.