[NO SPOILERS] Anyone else get inspired from superhero movies like End Game or Game of Thrones?


It seems stupid, but these made up characters keep me going forward. They’ve had their fair share of shit, but come back and kick some ass. I can’t help but to hope and get inspired for my own comeback every time I see them on the big screen.


Those people are performing best despite or even because of their suffering.


Yes, absolutely. Also, for me, I’ve gotten into watching MMA fighters and the like. Was never into that before, I guess PFS just taught me that I have a fighter in me and they inspire me.


That’s a big one. I feel the same on that front.


Definitely man. Both have the theme of perseverance in the face overwhelming adversity


For gamers, it’s the theme of perseverance in the face of overwhelming diversity.


I do feel inspired for maybe a moment after watching these movies but then also disillusion and bitter jealousy. I do want to find more examples of perseverance or rebirth in media.