No recovers from Sexual anhedonia?

Sexual anhedonia is the side effect that I have seen/heard of NO ONE recovering from. Has anyone else heard/seen different?

You mean like a fully permanent recovery to 100%?

A number of us recovery during periods of temporary recovery and for me those times seem to be more frequent now. Also times outside of those periods of temporary recovery are getting better but I wouldn’t say 100%


You had zero orgasm and recovered it temporarily?

Yes. The first full year I had of pfs was a decade ago and it was of course all the symptoms I said. Like zero sensation when ejaculating, the ejaculate was like just clear water. I remember in that first year there was a week about a few months in where all symptoms just went away. I don’t know what triggered it, maybe I was relaxed because some family was visiting, maybe it’s that I suddenly got a lot more sunlight, maybe it was that I started taking a multivitamin that I wasn’t taking before

But for a week it all went away. Then after that time period it all came back

Actually come to think of it my initial crash was followed by a week long temporary recovery very early on

But same deal, afterwards, it all just went away. Since then I’ve experienced probably at least one of these periods every year since I’ve had pfs, sometimes more frequent and sometimes less. I can’t determine if there’s a pattern of any kind but it seems at least lately to coincide with times of rest and low stress but can’t say for sure, and several times it has happened following periods of being very sick with a fever

It’s not uncommon here at all, and I was always wondering if there are sufferers who have never experienced this. It’s very obvious when it happens though maybe difficult to tell exactly when it’s starting and ending

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I ejaculate but there’s no sensation, but it just dribbles out. I don’t think it’s watery.

Have you ever had a temporary recovery of any kind?

No I’m 4 months off

Ok well it’s still really early for you then. You might have them or you might even make a full recovery.

We will see I’m getting zero sleep as well rn, which is my main concern. Thanks for responding to my post!

I posted a week or two ago about having recovered from it. It can get better.

I did nothing special.

What was the timeframe?

Speaking very generally there seem to be few recoveries between 1 and 5 years. In late recovery cases I always wonder if people just forget what their original level of function even was…


Great question!