No more suicides, no more disease, I BELIEVE I FOUND A CURE


Finatruth - How have you been preparing the asparagus? Raw, steamed, stir-fry-ish?


I can’t believe this, I am having rock hard Prefin erections and libido, and like Tumbleweeds said, it stays hard without manual stimulation. This could really be a treatment , this is my best 5 day period in 2.5 years. I am astonished


Awesome Fina! Please keep us updated!!

I had a good four days and then things tapered off to around baseline. But the erections and drive was all pre-fin level. Rock solid. I’m taking a cheap tribulus product. Will experiment with high protodoscian content ones in the near future. Hopefully this could be a real key for us…


from the asparagus?


What have I been missing here? I just ordered 2 bottles myself, I believe this disorder is a reduction of 5AR enzymes, but perhaps that is a result of some kind of androgen receptor damage, and perhaps this is fixing it. I managed to with low doses of HCG bring myself to a normal state to tolerate only low doses of testosterone. I wonder if this could be the key to the rest of the puzzle, I am not waiting, I ordered 2 bottles from amazon to be delivered NEXT DAY SATURDAY! As you all know, I have extensive knowledge in these areas and access to lots of medical resources and all.
I am also not afraid to take a drug, which is how I got in this mess with Avodart to begin with. So I am going on this Tribbulus full force, I will report back my status. I have found my own protocols using hormones to manage my condition to make me normal, but I would like to be the superman I was before this started. I will do EXTENSIVE testing using myself as a Guinea pig and report back my progress.


I can’t speak of Tribulus, but I can with asparagus. Asparagus is loaded with protodioscin. I take 2 huge plates of it at night.


I just finished 2 bottles of the mediherb standard
Process tribulus. I took 8 a day for ten days.
I did not feel any improvement.


read again…you need to do cycles. one cycle is not going to cure you


Yea, cycling is the problem. Not that this post was total bullshit to begin with.


Like I said, you really want to have pfs for the rest of your life. its your problem, not mine nor anyone else’s here. its fine man, wait for the the studies and chill. Please stop harassing me every chance you can. Its annoying and pointless.


I have to say you are one of the most discouraging people here. You constantly claim recoveries and jump on every lunatic recovery bandwagon. Noting you say is credible anymore. I’m not sure why mew didn’t delete your account as you have asked him to, multiple times.

Did you cycle this shit? Did it help? It has to be a particular brand ect… You know how crazy this sounds?


Well man, I ve been feeling better by the day. There is a cure my friend, hopefully one day you will recover too and will stop being so bitter about life. I am not discouraging anyone here, except those like you who wants to spend their lifetime is a dark hole. Climb your way back to life and make things better for yourself ,there ARE endless alternative treatments for your health, believe me when I say I got better, because I did, I am not a fake, I had at least 5 users from this forum on my personal facebook acount, Second Amendment met me personally while I was getting a spectracell test during a Las Vegas trip where he had the opportunity to meet my parents and brothers over dinner and saw the suffering it has caused me and also the GIGANTIC family issue I had with my mom and dad because of this shit, Fintruth is one the guys I talk on skype all the time, and even when sometimes he doesnt believe in some of the stuff I tell him is helping me, he always keeps it respectfull , now… you a complete STRANGER, never bothered to talk to me other than a few unhappy coments on this forum is telling me I am not a credible one? Get a life man. And yes I really want to put this behind me and would like mew to delete my account. So if thats possible for you to do mew , it would do me a favor, and also a favor to my bitter betty friend here :wink: . If it was before I would probably tell your ass to fuck off, but I know thats rude and also not possible for you to do… Hehe so take care.


The OP has proven a point consistent with my theories, that this condition is damage to the body’s ability to produce the 5AR enzymes. I have ordered the TRIBULUS, but I had my assistant pickup asparagus for me, as someone here said it helped them greatly. I investigated, and asparagus is high in Protodioscin, it all made sense now, the 2 weeks I was 90% better, responding to my hormones 90%, that previous week I had eaten a lot of asparagus! So I ate raw asparagus and I started responding to my testosterone injections as I should, this is not something that is in my mind. My muscle size increased immensely, my skin oily, water retention gone, I got hit on all night tonight, several girls hit on me, and I was asked what was different about me. Clearly, my testosterone started working consistently all night after I ate this asparagus.
So I researched further only to find that Protodioscin is a precursor of 5AR enzymes! I am posting the article below. This is not a cure, that is why it has not cured him consistently, we will need this regularly to continue to release 5AR enzymes, also those that do not have good hormone levels will need to get them optimal with HRT. So if this did not work for any of you, do you have low testosterone? I am amazed at the recovery I experienced in a matter of hours after eating Asparagus raw, a lot of them. … d_1996.htm

[i]Mechanism of Protodioscin

Protodioscin acts by stimulating the enzyme 5-alpha-reductase, which plays a role in the conversion of testosterone into dihydrotestosterone (Viktorof et al. 1994). In addition, protodioscin also stimulates the hypothalamus secretion of luteinizing hormone (LH), [/i]


Asparagus is my savior!! I feel alive again, incredible. I even had a random erection today!!! A fucking random erection!! Not an AM or a manual one, but a random one!!! Incredible!!! Like a switch went on


Finatruth, this is consistent with my theories that this condition is among other things, mainly a disruption to the 5AR enzyme production. I know this because as I eat Asparagus my skin becomes more oily coinciding with everything else improving. I have extremely oily skin, so I can detect the 5AR enzymes simply by looking at my skin, trust me.
I got the TRIBULUS today, I just took 4 of them, my theory is different than the OP here, I believe we will need these supplements to ignite our own 5AR activity to then reduce test to DHT and get the benefits of the 3 5AR enzymes which all have purposes. Finatruth, are your hormones normal? If you have low T you would want to get that fixed as well, I have been unable to use testosterone and get it working correctly and consistently till I lowered the dose and added raw asparagus as crazy as that sounds!
Don’t cook it, just buy it raw and eat it, it’s medicine, my hope is that these supplements will work instead of constantly eating asparagus.


Yeah, I have low T, low free T, and high cortisol. If I keep seeing this sustain itself I will probably do an HCG shot to boost testo and go from there. This has been the most startling discovery I have made. This is great


Finatruth, I am on the verge of a major breakthrough for us, there is an injection of this stuff that is helping us, fuck supplements, it is called “Methyl Protodioscin,” I am currently trying to buy some online. It occurred to me that there has to be an easier way to get this stuff directly into the body via injection. I am going to order some, prob being used for laboratory tests, but I am willing to bet the shit will work better than Asparagus!
Have you tried the Tribulus brand this guy is talking about? I ordered it and it has 100mg of Protodioscin in each pill, Asparagus has about 25mg per crown and I think also per shoot. I want to try this injection and see if there is a more efficient way of getting this to work. Methylcobalamin is a form of B12 that works really good because of the methyl which helps it get into the body and utilized, so they must have done the same thing with this Protodioscin.


Finatruth, HCG is a good route, remember that you need enough 5AR enzymes to reduce test to DHT, this stuff increases them, so does HCG too actually, but I don’t think like this stuff. You want to get your testosterone levels up to normal too, otherwise you will have all the same problems with low T.


Haven’t tried the tribulus, I’ve been rocking the asparagus each night. 25mg per root? I have about 30-40 spears a night. I def think we may finally be on to an important connection


Raw aspargus is actually not that bad when you try it. It’s more pricey than the spinach regimen. The 30 spears package I ate tonight cost me about 5 bucks (5 $ X 30 days = 150 $ a month). I checked in two other places and the price was about the same.