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Apr1989, do you think you could use tribulus and take triptorelin afterwards if you see it’s necessary for a full recovery? In other words, can you skip triptorelin?


Livingdead, thats a really good question, and I don’t really know. It seems to me it depends on your testosterone level. If it is below 600 you will feel lousy and have some ‘post finasteride’ type of problems even if the protodioscin turns your androgen receptors back on. I have to say there is no risk using the triptorelin I used. It was 0.1mg (100mcg) of actual pharmacutilce quality tribulus from a drug company, and I ordered it online from an overseas pharamacy without a perscription. I tried two peptide research companies before and neither worked. If you just do a single shot of 0.1mg there is no chance of tanking your hormones or ‘chemically castrating’ yourself, which many guys are afraid of. To get that effect you need to take 3.5mg, so you have nothing to worry about.


tribulus usage is all over the board. Some helped, some more fucked up. But never a cure.


Yes, but he mentioned it’s not just any tribulus:

He also says you have to take more than the normal dose.


Ok this is seriously interesting


I’ve been emailing back and forth with Apr1989. He is using Mediherb Tribulus by Standard Process with 100mg of Protodiscosin.


“Hi the brand I am taking is MediHerb Tribulus from Standard Process. Please
make sure to take it only for a brief period of time at the high dose and
wean off, because it seems like if you take it for more than a week or two
the body builds up a tolerance and it doesn’t work. Lets cure this thing!”

“Sorry, I meant to say don’t take it for more than a week or two at a time,
you can take it as many times as you need it seems from my experience, but
just no more than in one to two week stretches. I should also mention I did
not take all 7-10 pills at once, I took them evenly throughout the day,
sometimes two or three pills at a time, no more than four at once.
Sometimes I have taken 12 a day. Please let me know how you are doing if
you take it.”

“Yes I am, I’m finishing my 9th bottle I think. I have been doing them for
maybe three months. Half of the time on half of the time off. Maybe six
weeks on tribulus in total. I plan to keep doing these cycles until I am
totally back to normal 100%. I tried to email braziliandude who also asked
me what brand I took, since I cant private message yet, but I don’t think
it went through. Could you copy and past this info in a private message to
him? I would appreciate it. Its honestly amazing the improvement in my
entire health and sexual function is overwhelming. I feel like its one of
the nifleot in Exodus, a great wonder, a miracle.”


I have a few questions, how long is the break between the 2 weeks cycle ?? also … you take one shot of that in the beggining and how much time should I wait to start the tribullus cycle?


I just went thru literally every post from propeciashiz and he had a bad reaction after using triptorelin.


I talked to someone from the mayo clinic before I took the triptorelin, because I was afraid of what it could do to my hypothalamus and LH. They told me 100 micrograms is such an infintesimal amount, it could only work as a jumpstart, or do nothing at all, and it wasn’t enough to overstimulate the hypothalamus and cause it to stop sending GNRH to the pituitary. My LH was around 1.2 (range 1.5-9.3) before I took it, I did the shot and got a blood test 15 minutes later and my LH went up to 30 and my testosterone to around 900 (200-1000). Three days later it was back down to 1.2 and 140 and then began climbing and seven days later LH was 9.8 and testosterone was 1050, and it has stayed that way.

I was told to wait for three weeks after the triptorelin shot until my body reacted to the hormones. I started taking the tribulus about two months after the triptorelin, and thats when I started feeling like myself again. I did feel a small change once my testosterone came up. The best way I could describe it was my cells felt more hydrated or charged something, before I felt like a piece of wood and not a living mammal, after my testosterone came up to 1050 I like my body was more relaxed and more responsive, but I still had all the impotence problems, muscle twitches, tinnitus, the only change was my penis went from feeling like rubber to feeling gummy, and my the amount of ejaculate increased a bit.

I would always recommend waiting TWO WEEKS in between treatments, no less than a week. Because I can feel my body build up a tolerance after a few weeks on the tribulus, when 12 tablets feels like 7 tablets and 7 tablets feels like 3 tablets. If I wait less than a week or so before going back on I can feel the tolerence is still there, because I need more tablets to have the same effect. If I wait two weeks and then shock my system with 7 or 10 tribulus tablets, I feel a surge of strength, vitality, virility, and sexuality, thats why I think its best to wait until your body has no more tolerance and then bathe your cells in protodoioscin when their not ‘expecting’ it.


how many people realy tried triptorelin? do you think it could make us worse? or worth a shot?


I think the only way it would make you worse is if your body reacts badly to androgens and testosterone. Some men here do worse when they are on TRT from what I understand. Since triptorelin will jumpstart your testosterone production, if you have an adverse reaction to testosterone then maybe it will worsen your symptoms. If thats the case it would make sense to me to take the tribulus first and get your receptors turned on so the body responds normally to testosterone and then take the shot. Apart from that there can be no other ‘negative’ reactions, other than hormone suppression in much higher dosages, from triptorelin, since all it is is a synthetic form of a naturally occurring gonadotropin, and you only take it once.


One last thing, I think I can say that I took Decapeptyl triptorelin 0.1mg (100 micrograms) because Decapeptyl is the only kind of 100 microgram professional pharmaceutical triptorelin out there. I just ordered it online from an overseas pharmacy without a prescription.


Another thing on triptorelin. Dr Crisler uses 0.2 (200 micrograms) of triptorelin and it never works. The first time he ever used it he gave the guy 0.1 mg and it cured his low testosterone. After that he changed it to 0.2 and it never works. I confirmed this with him on a phone call. I have no idea why he would do this. I had to sound so cynical, but is it possible he changed the dose on purpose so it wouldn’t work? I mean if all it takes is a $15 shot in 2014 to cure low testosterone, that would put Crisler and Shippen and Scally out of business. So maybe its not in their interests to use this treatment for low testosterone. 200 micrograms is probably just enough to overstimulate the pituitary so the jumpstart will not work. Remember my LH WENT ALL THE UP TO 30 fifteen minutes after I took the 100 microgram shot! I can’t imagine what double that dose would do to your pituitary. If Crisler tells you to take 200 micrograms, DON’T DO IT!


Care to speculate how even high potency tribulus increases 5 alpha reductase metabolism in the cerebral cortex? In other words how does it in anyway cure cognitive side effects?


I have been wondering this exact same thing! Also what about the muscle twitches and tinnitus which are not androgen related? I have no idea. It almost like its going back and untying the whole finasteride knot, all the cascades of 5AR that were damaged seem to be coming back. I used to have muscle twitches continually throughout the day. I now get one maybe every two or three days. The tinnitus was really loud before. Now its gone when I’m on the tribulus and only comes back as a faint hiss when I start weaning off, and when I’m not taking it. Someone it seems to be solving the whole finasteride puzzle in my body. I am astounded and amazed and all I can say is הוֹדוּ לְגֹזֵר יַם-סוּף, לִגְזָרִים: כִּי לְעוֹלָם חַסְדּוֹ hodhu l’ghozeir yam suf l’ghzarim, ki l’olam hasdo Praise be the One who split the Red Sea asunder, for his kindness endures forever.


I think the theory would be that it sensitizes androgen receptors again, so even if ground zero of this syndrome is neurological, such receptors would be respond, just a theory of course


Increasing androgens wouldn’t resenstize them though.


well, maybe it could, and not only resensitize them again but create new ones too.


Yes sorry, I misspoke, I meant increase number of androgen receptors