No euphoria from alcohol anymore

No euphoria from alcohol anymore, it was discussed in another group too. The last four weeks after feeling a little bit better special in the evening I ordered pizza and drank wine. But It’s only the taste and I have no euphoric effect and I get not really drunken! I mostly drink only half a bottle 350 ml, because I don’t feel anymore, when it’s enough.
Yesterday, against the general frustration, I drank a bottle of champagne. I used to be euphoric after two glasses. Today I can drink a whole bottle and just felt a little numb. I will probably let it be, because the liver of Bupoprion is already strained enough.


Lots of People report changed response to alcohol.

Some of those people say that when feeling better response returns to normal too.


At least you can drink it still. I urinate blood after a can of bud light.

Same crap happened to me man. It’s brutal. At least if I could feel alcohol I could escape pfs for a little while but it’s just endless anhedonia.

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@Toughluck24 - The endless anhedonia. The end of 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century they lobotomized psychiatric patients to a state we live for the rest of our lives. This torture was forbidden as inhumane. All though chemical castration is a torture for child abusers not for innocent young men.

You are so young my only hope is you will participate from a cure once.

I myself have been my biggest enemy. No one else as me took the Fin :pill::skull::pill: pills after all. Not have informed in the internet and thrown the fucking poison out of the window tortures me every second of my pfs live

What can I tell you young guys?!

Hope for recovery, hope for a treatment coming soon, the enterprise of penicillin was just a labor contamination, cure by try and error with existing technology or substances.
Or the hardest and most cynical thing, accept this Anhedonic Live and go through never look to your friends and the girls in Summer clothes.
Enjoy the little things like your family, sitting together in the garden like the biggest nerd or mother’s son. I don’t have that anymore. I would really like to have that!!

Or live total weird without any connection to the entire world anymore, but this ends up in total Akastasia and at last in suicide or psychiatric unit to get :mobile_phone_off: of it all :sob::sob::sob:

Hope I go the way of Buddha, to learn to suffer and to get out of materialism to a spiritual way, after living a hedonic live.

For the moment pizza :pizza::pizza::pizza: service and a bottle of rose :wine_glass::wine_glass::wine_glass: wine and a stupid movie is all I have…like you

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some guy took an hdac inhibitor and it restored his ability to get drunk again

it was some guy on here. i hope the mods recorded that experience

on the flipside from what i remember he also got really sick and stopped taking them

Hey @lakehouse don’t be angry but for getting back my sexual ability I would run around Like the village idiot Here in my little hometown.
Yes I Know whow bad are the mental sides, I suffer them too.
Even drinking the pain away, I lost.
I hate this disease and I hate the moment of agony, when I took the first pill.

OK I shouldn’t write only bad comments. So I m 59 and I have lived more than 3/4 of my live. Ok that’s for all reading or criticize my comments. I tell the truth. And I hope to help other guys hanging in, that there is someone hanging in too.

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haha,we can take part in drinking match,get lots of money!I want to test my alcohol consumption.I never drunkenness before,hanru sun said my English like shit.haha.but I guess you can understand.Cheers!


this happens to a lot of people who are taking bupropion

Same with pssd

i think it’s related to allopregnanolone being either too high or too low

i’ve been reading a ton of posts showing how SSRIs increase the amount of allopregnanolone. it seems to me like it’s only one part of the equation. but fixing this would allow you to get the euphoric highs from weed or alcohol again