Nilotinib, potential?


Hey everyone. I am from the pssd forum and have made a post there about the substance nilotinib there that might also be interesting for u guys, since pssd and pfs are so familiar.

I am a big believer of the theory that several of our genes are silenced due to the ssri/finasteride/accutane. This thread explains it all:

To unsilence these genes, we need to demethylate (unsilence) them. The only true demethylation agents out there are 2 chemos called Aza en Deca. I am on a quest to get treatment of these agents, which is very hard to do. On this ‘‘quest’’ i have found something very interesting. Over the past few years a chemo called nilotinib has been given in low doses to parkinson patients with great succes.

‘‘An FDA-approved drug for leukemia improved cognition, motor skills and non-motor function in patients with Parkinson’s disease and Lewy body dementia in a small phase I clinical trial, report researchers at Georgetown University Medical Center (GUMC) in Washington. In addition, the drug, nilotinib(Tasigna® by Novartis), led to statistically significant and encouraging changes in toxic proteins linked to disease progression (biomarkers).’’

I didn’t understand why this would work untill i found this article: ‘‘Inactivation of Receptor Tyrosine Kinases Reverts Aberrant DNA Methylation in Acute Myeloid Leukemia’’ Nilotinib has this effect, it’s mentioned in the article itself

I think there might be a chance that this low dose use of nilotinib can be beneficial for us. Me myself, i would rather go for Deca, but the nilotinib is way easier to try yoursef, it can be taken in pillform. I am interested in what you guys think. I have ordered it btw, and might try.


Yes yes VERY interested in your trial and what comes of it! Keep us posted! :slight_smile:

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Just found this guys. ‘’ Nilotinib suppresses DNMT expression, induces DNA hypomethylation, and impairs AML patient cell expansion ex vivo and in vivo. A-G, AML patient (Pt) primary cells (n ¼ 3) were treated for 24 hours with 0, 10, or 30 mmol/L nilotinib’’


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I’m surprised by the fact that it can be ordered online. Not quite sure why you would bother ordering it but not take it, unless you are holding out to try the nucleotide drugs first?


I ordered it on indiamart. I didnt do it because i am severly shocked by the methyl donor experience really, I am scared as fuck :joy:

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So whats up


I am going to try another one first, RG108


Wow, how do you even get ahold of it and how safe is this? I can’t even find people who’ve tried it. What are safety concerns with using DNMT inhibitors? They sound pretty dangerous to me, actually.


Is it an dnmt thing?


Its a dnmt inhibitor. But a safer one than the chemos. Also way better for demethylation of neurons since it doesnt need cell devision to happen to do it. Actually its quite easy to get the substance. One simple google search will give u a lot of sites that sell.


I think you’ll bs the first to try this so that will be cool


Haha. I would be the first human ever to try this, at least accomplished something in my life then :joy:


Well who knows man