Next steps on your path?

Guys what are your next steps you will try to get over this?

I personally plan to do as follows: Visit orologist (have a pain in the region of my butt while sitting)->try to keep on with my viagras and tadalafil and try to do waterfasting->visiting Dr. Zitzmann ->injections->last step if nothing works I have to go with a penile implant

I also get the butt pain it used to take hours to set iin. It’s almost immediate now and has spread to my legs. It wears off to a degree with walking or lying flat. Let me know what the doc says about this particular side. Personally I think it’s linked to muscle atrophy but it would be good to get another view

@LazarusRy went to the doc and he did not say a lot about my issue. He will do a blood test to check my hormones. I told him aswell that I have problems with my erection more when i am standing. He will send me now to a specialist to check if I have a venous leak or other issues with my blood vessels down there. He told me of course that is more likely to be psychological than a leak because it is rarely to have it in my age.

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@LazarusRy Update: I have prostatitis (diagnosed by the doc). Just to let you know.

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Keep us updated @Jonnas12

Thanks for letting me know @Jonnas12 what does that mean in terms of a treatment plan, etc. Great you got it pinned down.

@LazarusRy I will get a call from my doc. I will inform you as soon as i know more. Have a nice evening.

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You to my friend

@LazarusRy @Cbrandel Ok guys i got the results. My doc told me that I have got a bacterial inflammation. He gave me two antibiotics which I should take for 10 days. One is Aziclav 1g (Amoxicillinum) and the other Doxyclin 100 mg. They found two different bacterias inside my sperm.

Streptoccocus agalactiae and mycoplasma/ Ureaplasma urealyticum/parvum are the names of these bacterias.

Now, of course, I am concerned to take these meds. Doc said these bacterias will not go away until I take the meds.


WTF Keep us posted and good luck seems like u don’t have a choice re anti bionics. Hopefully they don’t burn u.

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@LazarusRy @Cbrandel I don’t know if I should continue taking these antibiotics. Got pressure in my head, ears and eyes since. Runny nose, sore throat, coughin a lot and can’t smell anymore. I am now much more sensitive to noises.

It could be corona aswell.

What conerns me more is that I can’t feel satiety. I can eat and drink as much as I want there are no signals from my body to stop.

Sorry to hear this @Jonnas12 experience tells me its PFS this god damn disease. I don’t know whether to suggest to stick with them or parachute nothing is cut and dried

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@LazarusRy Yes something tells me that it has to be in connection with Fin. Just to be sure, I will do a corona test by myself this afternoon. If it is negativ I will stick with the antibiotics until friday (last day of medication).

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Good luck


I wouldn’t stop the antibiotics since you started tbh. Mycoplasma is a nasty bacteria which hides within your cells.

Not going through with the full course after starting can lead to the bacteria becoming resistent.

If you feeling terrible please at least talk to your doctor before deciding to stop taking them.


@Cbrandel good advice

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Hey @Cbrandel thx a lot! Was reading that it could be worsening everything if I stop now. So I definitely will continue. Sorry I’ve never made experience with taking antibiotics.

Self test done: it’s negativ (no covid), thx to fin


Update: The treatment maybe improved my ED but I think it is due to the antibiotics itself. There were a lot of guys in here with ‚windows‘ for better erections during medication. Most likely the second for me aswell. But the skin on my forehead (face) looks like garbage.

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