News! I have diagnosed with prostate Edema

Hello guys, this week i finally find a doctor to check out my prostate fluid for prostatitis. I wanted him to examine my leukocyte percentage in my prostate fluid (via massage) and i did also an another semen analysis.

Turns out that i have highly inflamed prostate! All these years, it kept getting slowly worse and i have been living with this Inflammation\Edema in my prostate… Doctor directly said this while touching to my prostate. I was finally happy to diagnosed with something, he said Accutane could have triggered this edema. So maybe hormones really did balance themselves after quitting the drug but prostate didn’t recover and created an Edema?

And then, he said all of my symptoms could be due to this Edema.
Including shrinking of the penis, numb orgasms, bad erections, morning wood loss, low semen volume!
I was verry happy to finally be treated. But today, my results came and he didn’t find any leukocyte or bad bacteria in my prostate. They did find a kind of bacteria called epithelial cell (dunno if its bad or not)

So, i talked with him via internet today and he didn’t recommend me any antibiotics. He said he can only do prostate massage to me weekly. Which is a kinda uncomfortable thing. And recommended me PRP and ESWT for my penis health and size loss… I was happy but now, i don’t feel happy. Because im kinda skeptic about all of this, the massage treatment. Im in my summer village and the doctor’s office is 1 hour away from me. I will do this treatment, maybe it will solve all of my problems, maybe in winter i’ll do it. But my mood really dropped. Although they may find something in your prostate guys. You guys probably have this Edema on your prostate too. So please go and let your prostate examined directly!


That’s great news that you may have found something specific to treat! Can’t you buy a prostate massager and use on yourself for treatment?

I think I have this too. I will get checked. Tbh, I wonder if any of us DON’T have prostate damage, whether inflammation or shrinkage. Personally, I didn’t get sides until I started NoFap while taking saw p back in 2016. I think NoFap interacts with prostate and androgen/ dopamine receptors + what saw was doing put me over the edge.

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Gayness is the cure for FPS !
Your edema is a symptom, if it disappear I’m not sure the others will disappear too.


Yeah it is great to hear this news after all these wasted years. But im not sure if letting my prostate massaged will cure my root problems… I don’t know what to think right now thats why i opened this thread. Yeah please get checked your own prostate.

Thanks for the prostate massager thing, i didn’t know this, i will ask this to my doc, it would be better to do it in home without hospital stress and time loss.

EDIT: Just talked with him and i really need to see him for the treatment. He said he will do massage once in a week for 6 weeks. I think im gonna go. I didn’t feel any pain in my first examination so it’s not that bad.


What if PFS is really just end-point physical damage though? Then repairing/ treating the damage would fix it, or at least components of the condition. Not saying this is true, but it’s a possibility


Do you feel residual urine?

No, but symptoms vary a lot person to person.

Not appropriate humour! :sweat_smile:


a propeciahelp classic comment

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i have prostate inflammation too. Cooper wouldnt think his prostate has inflammation. because he hasnt symptoms. But he tryed. And he found. Definitely prostate is important


go and check your prostate and share us your results. this is important

I’ve gotten an exam over a year ago and they said it was inflamed and I took antibiotics for a week. Nothing changed

what kind of dr did you see?
general practice? adult medicine?
Also, this inflammatory response might not have to be localized, meaning it can be reactionary to inflammation elsewhere in the body as well.

For a week? You have to treat it properly man. Thats why you have numb orgasms. I have it too as you know.
People use antibiotics for much longer time in combine with professional prostate massages and then they use tissue repairing drugs for the damaged prostate… it is a long process. What kind of an idiot doctor was he to let you use it only for a week and expect you to be cured if that was the case…

@guitarman01 Operator Urologist. Now i will go to him once a week for 6 weeks for massages. I have read some prostatitis forums and they have exactly the same symptoms as we have, it is really interesting. And there are people who got recovered with massages (and inflammatory drugs (if they had bacterial) prostatitis.
Fingers crossed.

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I went years ago for the weekly prostate massage thing. Basically just pressing on it while you’re on all fours. Nice visual, I know.

He also gave me different antibiotics. My ejaculate did go from slightly yellowish to white. When it was all said and done, did it help me? I don’t know. I’ve just started to get weak orgasms the last year or so. Maybe it prolonged it.

So you didn’t start to get weaker orgasms until way after you stopped finasteride?

A big change, yes. I’d give my orgasm a 3/10. Maybe it was 8/10 the 9-10 yrs before.

That’s interesting because mine became worse while I was still taking propecia

Update: Dr. Gave me an anti-inflammatory suppository and a natural drug called Prelox for my prostate. Also did my second prostate massage.
He said my edema is kinda reduced since last week which is nice, also added that i have a bigger prostate than a usual 21 healthy male. (I assume we all have?)

But treatment should resolve all my symptoms, he said. Let’s see how it goes.

@Lostinaustin, I also asked numb orgasm thing to him, he said because of the inflamed prostate the nerves around it starts to become numb, that’s what it causes the problem he added.


Hmmm, seems too simple of a fix given the many years here people have had with no success. I hope it does resolve your symptoms though, please let us know if they do

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