New Zinc Syndrome!

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That does sound familiar. I can’t see any time stamps, is that a current topic? Have you reached out to him @Demon?

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There are a few Zinc PFS stories out there…

If you can find the cache… her is one

there is your guys proof, thats why I find it unbelievable when somebody calls this shit PFS. I have even had people on this forum that say I am not welcome here. There is all kinds of stuff that can cause this, and we need to find out what caused this “syndrome”…

Accutane, Zinc, Propecia, Ssri, Anti fungals, Crash diets, god knows what else. If we can not find a cause, then surely it would be helpful to see what we all have in common? Some kind of gene or something …

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Zinc, or rather continuing with it after zma damaged me, put me into ground zero again. After years of being ok having hardly done anything.

Symptoms as bad as my first PFS crash. I’m slightly worried it may lean towards that weird post aromotase inhibitor syndrome thing certain members suffered with given how horrible my crash was, albeit it’s meant to be much milder than Arimidex.