New victim from China,please help me!

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zhihu(Chinese website)
What is your current age, height, weight?
What specific drug did you use (finasteride, dutasteride, saw palmetto, isotretinoin/Accutane, fluoxetine, sertraline, citalopram, leuprorelin, etc…)?
accutane finasteride
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accutane10mg/day fin1mg/day
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hair lose
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accutane 45 days
fin 27days
Date when you started the drug?
accutane 2023.2.4
fin 2023.7.4
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accutane 2023.3.19
fin 2023.7.31
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cold turkey
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quit then one week
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[ ] Reduced Sperm Count / Motility

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[ ] Confusion
[ ] Memory Loss / Forgetfulness
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[ ] Weight Gain
[ ] Gynecomastia (male breasts)
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[ ] Joint Pain
[ ] Dry / Dark Circles under eyes

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No drug,only some exercise
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Yes, I posted them below
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Hello everyone in the community, first of all sorry for my bad english, I am a 22 year old college student from China, suffering from hair loss and taking finasteride, and suffered terrible side effects
It begins five months ago. I have been suffering from acne since high school. I read on the Internet that accutane is the best choice for acne. I made a very irresponsible decision. I went to the pharmacy to buy accutane and took it. In China, these medicines do not require strict prescriptions. I felt weak and uncomfortable on the first day of taking it, but I did not associate it with accutane at the time. At the same time, I don’t know that this is a 5-α reductase inhibitor. It is only said on the Internet that this medicine will make the skin extremely dry. After taking it for about a month, I did not feel his effect, so I stopped. I took the medicine, and I didn’t experience any strong side effects during the period of taking the medicine. At the same time, I also started to go to the gym for the purpose of gaining strong muscles. Overall, I didn’t feel any side effects.

Time came to June, I lost a lot of hair during the fitness period, I was very worried that I would be bald at this age, so I went to the hospital and prescribed Minoxidil, but the doctor didn’t tell me about the side effects of minoxidil use, so I almost lost my hair after a month Turned bald and it made me angry and unbearable.

I felt cheated, so I went to a local private hair clinic to see a doctor. The doctor prescribed finasteride for me and said he had no serious side effects. At the same time, I was deceived by the up owner on bilibili (he is Chinese Kevin), so started taking finasteride 1mg/day, I noticed that I dropped 20 lbs from my bench press and shoulder press after taking it for a week, but since taking finasteride I also stopped creatine , so I’m not sure if it’s a side effect of fina, I found testicular pain on July 26th, so I started to search for side effects of fina on the Internet, I learned about pfs, and decided to quit on the 31st, since August 1st I have felt Something is not right with my body, unlike what many people say the next day after quitting is full of energy and the side effects are gone, I feel my enthusiasm is fading a little bit, when I go to the gym, I don’t regain strength, but I feel like a piece of shit, I Think I should wait, maybe it’s just the drug hasn’t been metabolized, I didn’t feel better day by day, until August 6th, I may have experienced a crash, that day I felt extreme anxiety and panic, accompanied by heartpalpitations.what scares me at the same time is the severe anhedonia, I am looking forward to the Baldur’s Gate 3 game, but when it comes out, I don’t feel anything, I am also a big fan of One Piece, but Luffy is in fifth gear The first appearance in the animation made me feel nothing, including the League of Legends league that I watched every game before,It no longer attracts me so much,I feel like I have changed a person. What scares me even more is the severe appetite. Sluggish, I can only drink milk and juice for almost three days, any solid food makes me feel nauseous, of course it has been relieved now, in terms of sexual function, I rarely have morning erections before taking medicine but I have a strong libido, I even felt like my libido was stronger while taking finasteride, but the days after I quit the pill I couldn’t get an erection at all and even watch my favorites with my hands I didn’t get any response to the porn, my testicles hurt from time to time, and my muscles twitch occasionally. I don’t know if this means muscle atrophy. Those days were the darkest days of my life. In a hell of a horror with no one around me who can understand me, until yesterday 8/12 all the above mentioned side effects eased.part of my pleasure came back and it eased my suicidal tendencies a lot and I regained my appetite Can eat a lot, but I noticed that my coffee cravings are not as crazy as they used to be, I was a coffee nut before taking fina.

This is my hormone level before taking finasteride and my hormone level after the crash, unfortunately I did not take the hormone level before taking finasteride after taking accutane, and noticed that my prolactin has nearly tripled compared to December last year, Is this the reason for my ed? The hospital doesn’t think this level is enough to prescribe meds, should I buy p5p online, does high prolactin make me depressed?


Welcome to the club. For someone who is just “crashing” the best thing you can do is just be as healthy as possible. Eat lots of soups, fish, stuff that is easy on the gut. Try some natural ways to ease the anxiety - I imagine being in China, you can see a natural medicine or acupunture practitioner for not much money, honestly they may be more helpful than a medical doctor at this stage.

After awhile, you can decide whether you want to use something stronger for symptoms. High prolactin can cause ED, but these hormonal things usually stabilize and are rarely the cause for symptoms unfortunately. My testosterone was low at the beginning, but went back to normal after awhile.

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Thank you bro,Chinese medicine is a very mysterious medicine, I don’t want to spend a lot of money on it unless I have nowhere to go, it’s very difficult to find those good old Chinese medicine doctors in China

I don’t know why I can’t post pictures,
So I use words to describe
2022 12.4 before take fin
fsh:2.14 (1.5-11.8)
lh:5.08 (1.1-25)
prol:21.2 (3.0-16.5)
testo:7.98 (1.82-8.11)
prog:1.67 (0.21-2.1)

after crush
2023 8.7

Interesting about the progesterone drop, neurosteroid inhibition is possibly the worst part about 5aris, imo.

Don’t megadose vitamin b6 (p5p) to drive down prolactin. It can give nerve damage instead.

It’s very likely your prolactin will level out within a couple of months.


Funny thing is I noticed my hair has been dry for the past few months, I got a perm in February and it’s still dry like was burnt, I think maybe it’s a hangover from acutane,fuck these poisons!

dry hair could be finasteride as well. i have this side too…

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But didn’t the forum say that p5p is very safe, he can resist the neurological side effects of vitamin b6, maybe I can start with the lowest dose of 50mg (contains 33mg vitamin b6 and 27mg magnesium)?

The worst thing for me is not the sexual aspect, but anxiety, anhedonia and muscle atrophy, I have lost 8 lbs since August, maybe because of diarrhea, I will pass my exams for my masters degree this December, I don’t want my future to be affected by this shit
I went back to the gym yesterday and noticed a drop off in stamina and strength and it was hard to feel the pump when I worked out my muscles, making it hard for me to feel the benefits of working out, but of course I’m going to keep doing it
Mood is much better, if it was 100 before taking the medicine, I would say it is 60–70 now, and it was 0 a few days ago

Hey Dragon

Where in China do you live? I grew up in Hong Kong.

I’m sorry that you’re suffering. The good news is there is a solid group of sufferers who are deeply committed to moving this issue forward. I have WeChat as well as Whats App if you would like to connect?


Hi Erik, I saw your story on youtube and it was a disaster, and it was the video you posted on youtube that made me decide to quit finasteride, otherwise I would probably go back to drugs For three months, I would like to say that although the number of views of the video is not much, it can indeed save some people invisibly, thank you all for your efforts and dedication.
I am from Shaanxi, a relatively poor province, and I am still studying at university. I don’t want to say old-fashioned words, but if I can overcome this difficulty, I will actively donate to the pfs foundation after work, and call on people around me to realize this This terrible disease, let’s fight together friends!
I use WeChat, do you have a WeChat account?

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Hi DragonChen,

When you posted on my story I just went to see who you were and see that you are early on. My advice to you would be NOT to try anything drastic at this stage. I would continue to lay off the creatine and just generally don’t do ANYTHING that could conceivably make you worse. Just live clean and healthy for a bit and let things sort themselves out for a while and then see where you stand. With any luck this will be the worst few weeks of your life and you’ll be on your way.

Also, just got BG3 myself. Looking forward to playing it after I get through TOTK. I hope you get to enjoy playing it too.


Hey Henchman
How uplifting your post is, I’ve seen it almost from cover to cover, I’ll follow your advice on what supplements to not take, luckily a week after the crash, I’m sure everything except the sexual one Improved a lot, I was able to go to the gym for training and started to be more active, I couldn’t eat like you at school, but I did try keto before doing drugs and felt a considerable benefit, sadly The ketogenic diet in China is a challenge in itself.
TOTK is awesome, but I think I can’t really enjoy it when I have a PFS brain, same with BG3, as you said the first month is the hardest, I think I just have to do my best every day now To exercise, study, and eat healthy at the same time, I hope we can all overcome this difficulty

Thanks very much for your kind message. Do you want to DM me your wechat?

I don’t recommend it RDI is 1-1.5mg and tolerable upper intake is set to 10mg in UK.

I’ve read about cases where people had issues with neuropathy from 50mg P5P, but some tolerate it fine.

However in my opinion the risk/reward is not very good. My prolactin was over double the range after I quit but some time after it was down into normal range and I didn’t feel any different. Lowering prolactin wont cure what we have sadly.

But in the end it’s your choice, just my thoughts.

So someone figured out how to get the muscle pump back? I’m back in the gym and I’m maybe 70 percent of what I was before the meds, and I’m noticing that no matter how light I’m using, it’s hard to pump blood into the muscles when I can’t even feel the muscle when I work my biceps, luckily the strength didn’t drop much so is this a muscle loss, permanent? This is horrible.

Dragon donate monthly to pfs network. Their research is progressing and need ur help. I had same problems as u. Try high protein diet, weigjht lift cardio and early bed.

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Hi guys, I’m back on the forums, it’s been three weeks since the crash I had on the 6th of August, and I want to say that things are getting better, first of all my gut, when I have When I eat something, I immediately feel a lot better. In the next few days, I bought P5P, and I am now taking it at 33mg per day to reduce my prolactin level, which is more than three times the standard limit. My The libido and erections came back quickly, although not at pre-drug levels, luckily I don’t have an exercise intolerance at the moment, although I’ve lost quite a bit of muscle pump, I can feel them slowly Recovery, I’m sure soon I’ll be a gym beast again, oh yeah I’m back to creatine again, 3g a day, same as before taking meds, haven’t felt any discomfort yet

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The problem now is that I still have anxiety, which will take up a long time in my day, preventing me from studying hard and even enjoying games. I am less than four months away from the postgraduate exam, which has given me invisible A lot of stress, followed by my inexplicable tension before going to bed, accompanied by a rapid heartbeat, luckily my sleep is ok, I can sleep 7-8 hours a day, of course the dream content is very bad, before taking the medicine I’ve never had a nightmare and I wake up feeling empty and tired, but the morning erection is back, all in all I’m giving myself 80 points so far, hopefully it will get better.
I must say that those terrible side effects on the days when I collapsed are definitely realistic and objective, not simple psychological effects, I am lucky that I have not been in hell for a long time, and I will firmly resist any antidepressants and sleep I will not forget every well-meaning person in the forum, I will officially make a monthly donation to the PFS network after I finish my graduate exams, I hope we can all defeat this horrible monster in the near future

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