New University of Iowa Study on PSSD

Survey Description and Link:

We are investigating Post-SSRI Sexual Dysfunction (PSSD) and working to build awareness of this condition within the medical community. If you have PSSD we would like to invite you to take an anonymous online survey regarding your experiences with PSSD. The responses to these surveys will help us identify trends in PSSD and direct further research into the the causes, personal impact, and potential treatments for this condition.



I thought you were PAS Victor? Or were you one of the folk who took an unlucky combo?

Hi Dubya, I took accutane first but I took paroxetine, lamotrigine and lithium too, to treat my anxiety, intrusive thoughts and panic attacks. So yeah, a brain-frying combo

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This post should be given more attention

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This is JUST the sort of thing we need. Thank you so much for your efforts. Could you keep us informed, if at all possible, on your work as it progresses?

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