New Symptoms - Peripheral Neuropathy?

I honestly was feeling like I was recovering. I have been 2.5 months off Saw Palmetto (after 1 topical dose) and the only unresolved symptom I had was hard flaccid type symptom (erections not as hard standing up and pain while urinating). I was going to go to a PT and doing stretching which seemed to help a lot.

3 weeks ago a new symptom started, I had tingling in my finger tips and toes and that turned into intense burning (I couldn’t sleep for 3 days!). I was such a wreck. I have been to two neurologists but they cant seem to find the issue. All physical tests are normal.

Funny thing is this started 3 days after i started on whey protein and it seems to get better after 4-5 days. And I have seen that eating lactose (cheese) or red meat completely worsens the situation. Like literally 4-5 hours later, my symptoms would be doubled.

I am thinking my gut bacteria is screwed up and I am literally screwed. Is there anyway to test this?
No gastroenterologist believes me.

Thanks guys. I really think I might be unluckiest guy in this forum, getting persistent symptoms from 1 topical dose of saw palmetto.

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