New study by Melcangi starting soon

Hello everybody.
There’s a new study by Dr. Roberto Melcangi starting soon.
He’s studying the gut microbiota impairment due to finasteride.
I think the study will require only a specimen of our poop.

You can reach dr. Melcangi here


My poop during crash smelled like ammonia…Strong bleach smell…I read that is due to problem with liver enzymes…

To add to this shortly after quitting I had bloodwork done and my liver enzymes were pretty high out of range. With time they went back to normal though

My turds are soft and smell like death. Our guts are really messed up I think.

Might try bone broth, kimchi, and probiotics soon. There’s a Mood Plus probiotic by Garden of life which was recommended to me by a nutritionist. 80% of serotonin is made in our bellies. There are many different probiotic strands and I think there is even one which is know to increase free T (L.Reuteri)

A user on SolvePFS keep swearing by fecal implants. A bit too gross for me though…

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