New recovery - anyone been tested for Entamoeba histolytica?

I don’t know man, I didn’t read Brong’s post about that. My symptoms differ from Brong’s too, I never had brain fog or low libido, I have ed, low test, testicular pain and muscle loss. I’m trying to help so I told about my experience, you can try it yourself too, maybe you’re right and I didn’t do it correctly.

@vanquish, thank you for your efforts man, thank you for posting. I’m saddened the that the abxs didn’t do anything for you brother. My abxs get here this week, I’ve stopped consuming carbs and I think I’m going to look at another element of the protocol before taking the Metroni/Paromomycin…I think I read something about a product (Jarrow something) that makes the antibiotics more effective…I’ll keep everyone posted, going to give it my best, I’m really tired of this monkey on my back.

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Lactoferrin. Studies have shown lactoferrin and metronidazole together can act synergistically against e. histolytica.

Also be sure to take lots of probiotics pre during and post treatment. PrescriptAssist and VSL3 are good ones.

Also you should be taking the lacoferrin with it. The guy from curezone did that too

Please, i can’t read this any longer: do a triple feces test. Don’t just take antibiotics…
You are shooting in the dark. As an example: giardiadis will be metronidazol resistant with a weak gut immunity. And then you’ll be making the problem even worse.

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dont think i can do that.

i paid 600$ for mine had EIA parasite test.

i had klebsiella and citrobacter no parasites.

is this it … odes-2002/

I bet if you randomly choose 100 people on the street and have them do those tests, half of them will have some sort of bacterial imbalance. I think this auto-immune/parasite theory is bs. Immune system could be effected because hormones effect immunity but it’s not the cause. I tried it out of hopelessness but I believe people who claim recovery via antibiotics either had another condition with similar symptoms, are frauds or have psychological problems.

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I’ve been reading these comments and debating giving antibiotics a try and Clomid afterwards if no success.

I’ve consulted with Dr Rynne ( and he’s going to prescribe me some Metronidafole and Paromomycin. I’m not 100% committed to this yet, but I figure the worst I do is destroy some healthy gut bacteria, and I have some VSL #3 to restore it anyway.

Note, I’ve actually experienced very temporary upswings in my libido when I’ve been on antibiotics in the past, during two hair transplants in 2013 and 2015. That’s why I’m a little curious about this.

I would appreciate any comments, particularly from people who’ve tried this.

well i think there is only 2 possibility to PFS. epigenetic or autoimmune.

But there are guys that got pfs 3 years after quitting fin. Plus i know 50 guys that recover from pfs from vaccine/flu/sleep deprivation temporary

What kind of Citrobacter? I know citrobacter freundii isn’t really a pretty one. It can go on for months or years.

I had PFS like symptoms from the first propecia pill I took, I kept taking because dermatologist told me they would go away. I have PFS since 2008, since then I had several vaccines for flu, tetanus, and rabies. I used many different antibiotics for different infections, and had the flu many times. There were times I didn’t sleep for 2 days. I even had immune suppression from high dose letrozole which lasted for a while even after I quitted taking it. I never ever once felt any better.

I can’t speak for other people, but for me I think propecia caused permanent damage to the endocrine system, prostate and genitals.

well you /=/ everyone.

When i theorize i speak for PFS as a whole not just by my personal experience.

Pfs is a syndrome however so there is differnt types of pfs.

if i recall you said your libido is fine. so you are not in the subset im referring to…

see attached.

this isnt a PCR test so maybe a parasite would show up on that. I have SIBO causing severe constipaiton but im too sensitive for antibitoics so im fasting to starve it.

I recovered from PFS in march 2012 from the following regime
5000mg goldenseal
400mg oregnao oil
1500mg neem
1500mg allicin

When i stopped the herbs i relapsed

What kind of oregano oil did you take? If you use oregano oil then it’s advisable to use 100% oregano oil (not in capsules!) with the highest possible amount of carvacrol. I think the above mentioned regime is too soft (but that is my opinion). In the link down here is are examples of a good oregano oil. It’s very potent and some say even stronger dan tinidazole. … B005GJTO9S … 6BPB0APH4S

By the way: what did you use as support with the regime you followed?

sorry i meant March 2015 when i did it.

The oregano oil was potent as fuck. If i broke open the gel capsule and touched my skin with it it burnt like hell!

This herbal regime was a hell of alot stronger then any pharmaceutical drugs id taken. First week i had intense herxing
Week 3 was when i started feeling prepfs. Started going club bingo. After 4 weeks i quit them because any longer would damage flora

It’s advisable to build up gradually and take small breaks between usage. Also a support in form of a vitamin c. And heard that to repeat the regime after 15 days because of the remaining cysts.

In this thread you can find the experience of some pfs sufferers who have used antibiotics:


Hello, just to mention i did a parasite stool test last week and my naturopath emailed me today informing me i tested positive for two parasites.I need to wait until our next appointment next Tuesday to find out which.

Symptoms (8 1/2 years continual) low libido, poor erection strength, food intolerances, constant brain fog/drunk feeling.Also my symptoms came on after Saw Palmetto not fin but they work on the same concept.

Anyway this is worth checking out at least, it’s the best lead we have got.I’ve been a member here for 8 years so don’t call me a shill either :laughing:

I just wanted to post here and say I tried this regimen for the past 10 days, including probiotics, no sugar, etc, and I don’t feel any different. I’d done the stool test which was negative for histolytica, but my doctor and I rolled the dice anyway.

I’m feeling pretty discouraged right now. But I’m used to it. I may try a round of doxycycline.