New prescription drug for low libido (Addyi). Anyone tried?

This was created for low sexual desire in women, but Dr Goldtein prescribes it to men. Has anyone tried it?

Interesting. Thanks for sharing. Reminds me a little of Wellbutrin in that it was originally intended as anti-depressant and increases dopamine and nor-epinephrine. Apparently $800/month a month though? :open_mouth:

I was also prescribed Addyi and I am very much interested in this information. If anyone has tried, would appreciate the experiences.

OP: Have you started using Addyi? If yes, how has it been so far?

I have taken Addyi for just over a month to treat PFS and have noticed no real improvement.

I believe Addyi requires 4-6 weeks before initial onset of efficacy. It is instructed to discontinue if no improvement after 8 weeks.

One thing that prevents me from trying is the cost for us males. I was quoted $861 for one bottle. It is so hard to justify. Have you paid this full amount, or did you find a way to bring the cost down?

Did anyone try this ? Very interested

Those who have tried Addyi, I’m starting it today, did you try to drink alcohol on it? Everyone is saying you simply can’t drink alcohol because it might cause fainting. But then my doctor said that it only really happens in a handful of people.

Anyone have experience with this?

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How’s addyi going? Any improvements?

Nothing yet, needs around ~2 months in your system before it starts working

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I am taking it. Have been on it for a month. Haven’t noticed anything yet but it could take months. A guy on the PSSD Facebook group has seen great improvement with Addyi, especially in his anhedonia/emotional numbing. Makes sense based on how it works. But it took about 6 months on it for him to see improvement. He thinks combining it with CBD oil helped. He is a patient of Dr. Goldstein.

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According to wiki it costs like $800/month. Are you guys paying that or getting it covered by insurance or what? Just curious.

I’m on it as well, if your insurance covers part of it, it’s normally $100 a month.

I haven’t really noticed anything but I’ve only been on for a month. I really want to say I’ve noticed maybe a slight, if very small, uptick in libido, but it’s so impossible to attribute this to Addyi yet. I’ll keep checking in with my progress though.

$99 a month as well. It has come down in price. When it first came out it was a lot more.

Any updates?

I tried it, didnt do anything to me

Has anyone seen any improvements on Addyi?

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