NEW PFS NETWORK VIDEO & FUNDRAISING UPDATES: Two decades on, consumers are still largely unaware of the persistent harm caused by Finasteride in clinical trials

Dear fellow patients,

As a part of our ongoing awareness campaign, today we released another video exploring the 2019 Reuters investigation, which found significant issues with the clinical trials for Finasteride.

Please check out our YouTube channel, subscribe and like this important video. We’ll continue releasing new videos, blogs and updates over the coming months.

Fundraising gathers momentum

We have been blown away by the generosity of Post-Finasteride Syndrome patients and their families since announcing our latest research project.

In a little over three weeks, we’ve reached €35,000 of our €80,000 target. To all who have contributed, we are deeply appreciative.

With our fundraising target well within reach, we’re encouraging our mailing list to please consider setting up a monthly recurring donation on our donate page.

If each of the 103 subscribers to our mailing list set up a recurring donation of €100, the study would be fully funded in 4 months. If each of the 400 patients who completed our survey set up a recurring donation of €50, the study would be fully funded in 2 months. That means groundbreaking new research to further our understanding of Post-Finasteride Syndrome could begin as soon as January.

Matching donations

To help reach our target faster, the PFS Network team are increasing our personal commitment. Over the next month our team will match all donations made, up to €5000.

For example, if we receive €5000 in donations by December 25th, we will personally contribute an additional €5000. If we receive €4000, we will contribute an additional €4000.


We are pleased to announce that PFS Network is now a registered charity on GoFundMe. That means any patient or their family in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia or New Zealand can set up a fundraiser on GoFundMe and nominate PFS Network as your charity of choice.

We strongly encourage any patients with supportive family & friends to run a small fundraiser to maximise the impact of your contribution.

To simplify this process and make it easy for patients, our team have created a template for patients to set up their own personal GoFundMe campaign. This includes a video from the PFS Network team explaining our upcoming study, a templated message for the campaign, and an instruction guide on how to set it up.

We are very pleased several patients have reached out already to set up their own campaign. If you are interested in running your own fundraiser, please send me a private message to access the template.

Thank you for your continued support,
PFS Network team


That’s very generous and such a motivator for everyone


Thanks Ryan. We’re really eager to get this going - hopefully we can keep up the early momentum.


I’ll donate again at some point next week… what you and the other guys are doing is truly amazing. Giant steps in recent times. Optimism has to be at its highest ever level.