I met a new doctor today, a colleague of Dr. Shippen, we have been going back and forth for a couple weeks. I had told him about my reversing of this with hormones, and that I could not remain on this forever, I needed to fix the root. I expected him to come up with stupid ideas and (like every doctor before him) be useless. However, as we were talking on the phone, he started going into detail about his theories on insulin, and how insulin might help us, it could be involved with this as it somehow up regulates 5AR or DHT (I forget). He was talking a bout a lot of different compounds and methods of improving 5AR expression and conversion of test to DHT. He has had a lot of experience treating Adrenal fatigue and really knows his stuff, he is interested in becoming a PFS doctor.

MEW, please contact this guy and add him as one of the PFS doctors, his approach is very different from other doctors, he is interested in the auto immune angle possibility as well as a lot of areas. I was actually calling to cancel my appointment as I felt it was a waste of money and time, but after speaking with him, I was very much amazed at his knowledge base. He is willing to treat guys from anywhere in the world, he is located in Palm Beach Florida.

Regardless of what some of you may think about me or my approaches, for the greater good, we need all the doctors we can get. This doctor is a hormone doctor, but what is interesting is he doesn’t seem to have much interest in traditional hormones like testosterone et al, but actually dealing in cortisol, insulin and adrenal stuff. He personally called me, spent time with me on the phone, twice now.

Dr. Harlan Bieley


Send him an email and talk to him, he is very personable and will respond.

Dr Bieley is starting a new program to treat PFS sufferers, his innovative approach on Pfs is very exciting. Im so used to doctors using just the same protocols, he is going to the root. He does gene testing, works with insulin, other drugs that I forget the names of. He works with cortisol, which is a problem with Pfs sufferers. I highly recommend him as a doctor, I have become his patient, even though I am 90% on hormones, I want to solve the root of this, and can’t be dependent on masteron forever.

Dr Bieley takes the time to respond to emails and talks on the phone, he is a class A doctor for this.

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Check this article on him … ck/Page-01

Dr Bieley has had new PFS patients sign up, I really urge you all to contact him. His angle on treating PFS is beyond my expertise, instead of the standard “testosterone” treatment, he is using all sorts of different angles. His knowledge of Test to DHT conversion and 5AR is impressive, I have no doubt he may be able to find ways to get guys to respond to their own testosterone (or exogenous) better. Regardless of what some of you may think of me here, we have had our disagreements, I want you all to get better. To find a doctor that is actually looking to recover PFS rather than just manage it, this is encouraging. He has a program to treat PFS sufferers remotely, I feel the more guys he treats, the more he will learn about this, and the better he will get at treating it.

This guy is NOT out to just make money, he personally called me, he is personally reachable, how many doctors do we have out here trying to help us? We need to encourage and support doctors who want to treat PFS, they have colleagues, and they give speeches, it will only help us get to the root of this and treat it quicker. While I have managed to get my PFS finally in a stable reversal with hormones, my protocol is not something I plan to be on forever, I plan to use Dr Bieley to try and recover myself at the root.

That is intereting, dr Traish just came out with an article suggesting propecia causes a metabolic disorder, it’s nice to see that they ar focusing in other areas then the penis and other problems then testosterone

Thank you for sharing this. I suspected insulin may have an effect because as you remember, Ihatepropecia702 and cdnuts recovered via fasting, dieting, etc. All of which increase insulin sensitivity.


The article is on Not a very nice article, basically indicates post finasteride can lead to high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease etc

Ah I see. Yea we are definitely prone to any condition that can be caused by fluctuating or low levels of youthful hormones

“5α-reductases, a unique family of enzymes with a wide host of substrates and tissue distributions, play a key role in the metabolism of androgens, progestins, mineralocorticoids and glucocorticoids. These enzymes are the rate-limiting step in the synthesis of a host of neurosteroids, which are critical for central nervous system function. Androgens and glucocorticoids modulate mitochondrial function, carbohydrate, protein and lipid metabolism and energy balance. Thus, the inhibition of these regulatory enzymes results in an imbalance in steroid metabolism and clearance rates, which leads to altered physiological processes. In this report, we advance the hypothesis that inhibition of 5α-reductases by finasteride and dutasteride alters not only steroid metabolism but also interferes with the downstream actions and signaling of these hormones. We suggest that finasteride and dutasteride inhibit 5α-reductase activities and reduce the clearance of glucocorticoids and mineralocorticoids, potentiating insulin resistance, diabetes and vascular disease.”

Yea, despite whats some here may think of me, we all have the same goal, and I want everyone to get better. I found this doctor and I had to post him, he wants to build up a practice with PFS patients. Now how many doctors do you guys know that are experts in adrenals, hormones etc… That are interested in solving this problem? His approach is unique, instead of just standard AI’s and Testosterone, he wants to try Insulin and other drugs (I forget the names of), and Dexamethasone and Hydrocortisone. The reason I encourage you guys to contact him is because he is super nice, super smart, he has 10 years of experience with treating adrenal fatigue. The more PFS patients he gets, the more he will learn about PFS and how to treat it.

Body builders use Insulin, I didn’t know that, it increases the expression of 5AR, insulin and hydrocortisone or dexamethasone? Very interesting ideas, and he is also willing to investigate the possibility that this might be a drug induced autoimmune disorder. Dr Bieley is willing to treat guys remotely, he also works with Oxytocin (that is pretty interesting, the love hormone). The only doctor remotely treating guys for PFS besides Dr Bieley is Dr Jacobs, and while Dr Jacobs is a great guy, he has only 1 protocol, Testosterone and Arimidex, or Testosterone and Aromasin. While those protocols are promising, we need a doctor that has time and isn’t booked months in advance. This doctor personally called me, he is just getting this program started, so we can get to a brilliant doctor before he is overbooked with patients.

He is also not money hungry, frankly, I haven’t seen any PFS doctors take these approaches. You all know my approaches have always been hormonal, so this doctor is using a different hormonal approaches than mine, and I am all for it. I am all for what has not been done, what makes sense. I was also very impressed with his knowledge of testosterone and DHT and 5AR, most doctor’s don’t know anything about those topics. I have only heard good feedback about him, here we have a doctor who wants to treat PFS with innovative methods that haven’t been tried and make sense.

I have an appointment with him in 2 weeks, the good news is you guys don’t have to fly to see him, you can do it remotely. Far too many guys recovered with stories that link to things this doctor was talking about. At least email him, we need to show him PFS is worth getting into, the more doctors we get to take this on, the more chances we have of one of them finding some ways to help us.

I can say JQD is correct that this Dr is out to really help us…I contacted him and he replied to me and sounded compassionate and willing, which is more than any other DR I have heard from…I am trying to book a phone consulation with him. Everyone needs to contact this guy so he can have more patients! AS we all know and have exhausted the Hormone path blah blah blah…time to get Drs willing to try other things.
Get well or die trying!..lets move forward

Too many guys have recovered from immune suppressive drugs (or anti-inflammatory drugs), or drugs that deal with Cortisol. Too many recovery stories to ignore, my hope is that by going on these drugs, it will somehow induce recovery. I tend to believe this is a drug induced autoimmune disorder. I am not sure if Dr Bieley agrees or not, but he has 10 years of experience with adrenal fatigue, some guys have recovered from those types of drugs. So go ahead and treat me for adrenal fatigue, maybe something will click! I tend to thing our immune system is preventing us from recovering. Ihatepropecia (a friend of mine I talk to often) recovered after surgery, he said something just “clicked,” he thought it was anesthesia, but I pointed out it was the immune suppressive drugs they use for surgery.

So, anyway, this doctor doesn’t seem that interested in the standard hormones like testosterone etc… Though he uses them, he is more interested in things like Cortisol and Insulin, Oxytocin, you guys know of any PFS doctors working with Cortisol? So, I am all for new approaches, and don’t quote me, he does a lot more than that. The fact is he is very well versed, but my brain is exhausted at this point with PFS, so I am willing to let this dr try.

I was calling to cancel my appointment with him when I thought he was going to be all about nutrition and toxins etc… Then when I called to cancel, he goes into an array of drugs and supplements that improve testosterone to DHT conversion (including Insulin). Later I found out body builders use insulin to get bigger, that was something I did not know. I did some research and Insulin increases the expression of 5AR, so he may be onto something. He is open minded and willing to explore the auto immune angle, I can manage PFS with hormones, but I am exhausted. I am constantly having to alter things as my system adapts, this HAS to be autoimmune, so maybe he will put me on an array of adrenal drugs and immunosuppressive drugs, and something will snap for me too.

I encourage guys to contact this doctor, he answers his phone personally, calls back personally. I will also say something that some of you might appreciate, he doesn’t seem to be that excited about testosterone, in fact, when I first called he told me he was surprised I started test so young. Most anti aging doctors look for any excuse to get you on testosterone, we all become our own doctors as there are so few who will treat us. I think that mentality of self medicating, and the constant failures of standard doctors has blinded us to the potential of a new doctor with a new perspective.

The more guys who go to him, the more interest in PFS he will take, the more he will learn about it, here we have a PFS doctor who is trying to get to the root of the problem and fix it. Most doctors who treat this are just treating it symptomatically, does he have the answers? I don’t know, but the area of medicine he focuses in encompasses drugs that were a part of multiple recovery stories. He also is willing to treat guys remotely, I hope the studies find something, but I know many of you need help now. When it comes to doctors, our options are limited, I would give this guy a chance.

Check this out, Dr Bieley also works with Oxytocin, and look at this

Oxytocin increases 5alpha-reductase activity of human prostate epithelial cells, but not stromal cells.

Oxytocin is known to modulate 5-alpha-reductase expression and has, therefore, been implicated in the etiology and novel pharmacological treatments of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). These suggestions have been made in the absence of any direct evidence that oxytocin regulates expression or activity of 5-alpha-reductase isoenzymes in the human prostate. This study evaluated the effects of oxytocin on the activity and expression of 5-alpha-reductase isoenzymes I and II of human prostate stromal (PrSC; primary site of BPH development) and epithelial (PrEC) cells.
Cell cultures were incubated with oxytocin, or oxytocin plus a specific oxytocin antagonist for 24 hr, and conversion of (3)H-Testosterone to dihydrotestosterone used to estimate total 5-alpha-reductase activity and to determine activity of both type I and type II isoenzymes. Fully quantitative real-time RT-PCR determined levels of expression of both isoenzymes following treatments.
Oxytocin significantly increased the total 5-alpha-reductase activity of PrEC but not of PrSC. 5-alpha-Reductase I gene expression and enzyme activity were also increased (P<0.05) in PrEC by oxytocin. Oxytocin significantly increased type II activity, but not expression, in PrEC. Oxytocin did not significantly affect 5-alpha-reductase activity or expression in PrSC.
Both 5-alpha-reductase I and II are expressed in normal human prostate stromal and epithelial cells. Only 5-alpha-reductase isoenzymes of prostate epithelium are modulated by oxytocin.

I just wanted to let you guys know I have been seeing dr Bieley, he is great. He spent 2.5 hours with me in person, he even has been doing research and speaking to scientists. He found out something today about cortisol and 5ar, and he personally called me to tell me. He is going to give me a different cortisol 24 hour urine test to check something else. He spoke to the scientist with the company, im sorry to be so obscure, I wasn’t paying attention when he called. Rather than just throw testosterone at me, he is trying to follow the pathways to the origins of what’s going on and how to fix it.

Wow very intereting, cortisol / adrenal has something to do with all this. Good for him, this is clearly not a low testosterone issue alone. Even Traish has just published a paper theorizing we are suffering from a full metabolic disorder. This is great stuff people!! Dark ages of this syndrome of being just about your dick and libido are soon gonna be over

Yea, we just need more patients to sign up with him, here is a doctor who is an expert in all the hormones (especially cortisol). He is an expert in test to dht conversion and 5ar and genes, he is spending his time trying to figure this out and help us. Just like the studies at Harvard are, so is he, it will take people like him to treat this. Yet not a lot of people are contacting him to become a patient, how do we expect doctors to take is seriously, when one comes along trying to help, and only a few guys contact him?

No other doctors are working with adrenals and Pfs, and we know adrenals and cortisol is involved, he isn’t even expensive, he is cheap. He is willing to treat guys remotely, and none of the Pfs doctors have gone the adrenal road, and there have been a good amount of recoveries involving adrenals. Finally a doctor that’s doing more than throwing testosterone at us. You know that testosteeone doesn’t work properly if cortisol is off, and Pfs crashes everything.

This is a good read.

and this one…

Cortisol metabolism and 5-alpha reductase

Research Summary
Background: The patho-physiological importance of glucocorticoids is exemplified in patients with Cushing’s syndrome who develop insulin resistance (and in some cases type 2 diabetes mellitus, T2DM) central obesity, hypertension, and increased cardiovascular mortality as a consequence of circulating cortisol excess. However, circulating cortisol levels are not elevated in the vast majority of patients with T2DM and obesity. Within tissues, cortisol availability to bind to corticosteroid receptors (glucocorticoid receptor, GR and mineralocorticoid receptor, MR) is controlled by a series of enzymes that either generate cortisol (11ß-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase type 1) or inactivate cortisol (A-ring reductases including 5a-reductase). We have generated preliminary data from clinical and in vitro studies that show increased 5a-reductase activity in patients with obesity and insulin resistance and have suggested that this represents a compensatory mechanism to increase cortisol clearance in an attempt to improve insulin sensitivity (fig. 1). In addition, 5a-reductase knockout mice appear to be insulin resistant and develop fatty liver disease and preliminary in vitro data suggest that cultured liver cells treated with finasteride (an inhibitor of 5a-reductase) become insulin resistant and we propose that this is because of decreased cortisol clearance. We have therefore proposed a pilot clinical study to answer 2 questions. 1. Does inhibition of 5a-reductase with Finasteride or Dutasteride impact upon cortisol metabolism in humans? 2. Does the impact of 5a-reductase inhibition upon cortisol metabolism translate to an impact upon insulin sensitivity and carbohydrate metabolism? Study design: Patients will be investigated before and after the initiation of therapy for prostatic conditions (benign prostatic hypertrophy and prostate cancer) that is clinically indicated.