New Moral Medicine Video (1)


No one could imagine that a last resort prostate cancer and sex offender castration drug is sold to elderly men with bph. That is deeply inhumane and ultimately, if there is a lack of information actually a criminal act. If I sell Methylalcohol without a warrning and drinkers get blind, no one would ask that this is a crime. But pharma and meducal system have their own law, 55.000 Viox death then only “shit happens,ha ha ha ha”.

But selling this as a cosmetic pill, or a lifestyle foam for topical, there are no words. Not about Merck Organon they are well known but to the ethics of the FDA, MHRA and EMA.


These horrible cunts will burn in hell which is when we’ll have the last laugh

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It is nice and encouraging to see people who are not only interested in themselves and who want to do something for the community.

However, as long as the majority of patients are hiding in a kind of a “womb”, having hormone injections in the belly fat for 30 years now and getting very very angry when mommy take away the syringes, it will be a long way to attract attention and find a cure.

For me it is an ethical humanistic basic ideal as a victim to warn others of the danger and to call the perpetrators to account. Maybe that’s why I bump into so many, because I’m from a different generation.

Or we activ members are some kind of total atypical pfs sufferers (Was just a joke).


Well said @Exsexgod we need a constant feed of sufferers speaking up to show its not restricted to a small group of hypochondriacs. NO one should hide in the shadows and then complain when nothing is changing


From the Fall of the West Roman Empire 476 until 1492 the discovery of America the dark middle ages ruled with the government of the mighty and a mankind kept calm with religious fanatism. It remembers me so often to our 30 ages of pharma millionaires privileged lifestyle and the fanatic hcg religion to keep the poor victims calm. I hope this fanatism lasts not 1000 dark years long before our Renaissance starts.

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