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Hi all. I am new here, thank you for having me. My husband has been affected by PFS for about 13 years. He took dutasteride for alopecia for 1+ year in 2008 and was affected by PFS shortly after. his symptoms included sexual dysfunction, depressed mood, brain fog/poor recall and others. he seemed to make a significant recovery over time and recently had a setback after a course of antibiotics. We are interested in the new literature published on the altered microbiome of PFS individuals and intrigued by the link to the gut. we are hopeful to find an answer for a recovery and will share any success we have. thank you for having me/us.


Hello and welcome (although I’d wish you didn’t have to be here).

I think it would be great if you could specify what kind of antibiotics he used.

More data is always better, and maybe someone in the future could avoid that specific antibiotic and avoid getting worse.

Unfortunately the most likely thing is that gut health is a downstream symptom. There are decades of people talking about gut health, probiotics, bacteria, etc. Etc. At this point it might be best to assess how useful repeating the same self experimentation is when after all these years a compelling method has not yet emerged.


Hello @PFSWife

Welcome to the forum. I’m sorry to hear you and your husband have been dealing with this situation for so long, but kudos to you for persevering!

As @Greek has mentioned, given Baylor’s recent results, it’s most likely that the gut is a downstream effect of PFS rather than a cause. It can’t hurt to try and improve gut health though, so please report back your results.

For what it’s worth, I’ve also experienced mini-crashes while on antibiotics previously, so I try and avoid them unless absolutely necessary. As there is such little scientific understanding, it’s really difficult to say what can cause further worsening for PFS patients.

Welcome, take care and please keep us updated.


Thank you for your response and warm welcome. I am hanging on to hope when you say “mini-crashes” that this will pass, and will certainly keep you all posted. Best to you as well.


Please allow me to complement you on being a wonderful wife and understanding the situation your husband is in. I think that’s very rare, and he’s very fortunate to be with you. To be with such a kind and compassionate spouse is a precious gift.

Your care and emotional support will go a very long way in improving your husband’s symptoms, as I’m sure it has already.

Regarding the gut, for reasons unknown to me, intermittent fasting and water diets for a day make me feel much much better. I can go an entire day, and feel better as the day progresses with only water and coffee, followed by a healthy, small meal at night.

I’m certain eating like this must somehow affect the gut, and for me, it seems to be very positive. Others have reported the same, and it may be worth a try with whatever else you do.

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@NewYorker - it’s the same for me. Skipping meals for a day gives me a small boost the next day or two. Not sure if it’s cumulative though.

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