New member/my story/my protocol to combat pfs

Hey guys Im a 30 year old male. I have taken Fin for only a little month every other day at .25/.5 mg. (From the first week of April 10th of 2021 to May 11th)I decided that I didn’t want to depend on this drug for the rest of my life just to maintain the hair I already have and decided to call its quits. Prior to taking finasteride I was watching More Plates More Dates ,Kevin Mann and The Hairloss Show on youtube. All these guys made it sound like only a VERY small percentage of folks got side effects. I would not be surprised if these guys are secretly paid by Merck to promote this garbage. While I was on Finasteride I honestly felt fine for the most part.I only started feeling the side effects as soon as I got off. .As soon as I got off I was experiencing really bad insomnia and I also had a really hard time concentrating. If I’m trying to soak up information from a youtube video I find myself having to rewind to really understand the information being presented to me. My libido has went to complete shit also. I was also on a strict vegan diet prior to taking fin and found myself eating the same foods all the time which was completely fine. After I quit Fin I couldn’t eat the same Vegan foods anymore because now I was extremely bored of it. It also seems like my motivation is somewhat gone.I started eating meat/fast food again to get that slight dopamine rush but Im not really feeling much. Food just tastes bland at this point :confused: I will be eating meat and fish again to see if my symptoms get any better the next few months. I might buy some indica to see if that helps with my insomnia. I’m also feeling slight Adheonia as well which sucks. As soon as I got off fin didn’t sleep for 3 or 4 nights. I started taking Valerian Root before bed and applying Lavender Oil to my neck to help me fall asleep. This helped a lot but Im still not experiencing restful and deep sleep just yet. It is still quite an improvement though. Working out / Aerobics is helping me cope with PFS and is also helping me sleep better. Ive mostly been doing aerobics as of lately for my overall well being which helps.I think staying active and working out is KEY to combatting PFS. I take 30mg of pregnenelone.I also take a SEA MOSS supplement that is really good for your thyroid. Ive also read that its a a great multivitamin. I was taking this prior to fin for about a year or so and I felt pretty good.I also do grounding/earthing for 30 minutes to an hour in my backyard. I basically just walk around my backyard barefoot in the grass or shoot some hoops without any shoes for about 40 minutes to an hour. Ive read that grounding improves your circadian rhythm/sleep. I encourage you guys to do your own research. Plenty of youtube videos regarding this new age treatment. I fill up my hydroflask with water everyday mix it with chia seeds and drink it throughout the day. Ive read that chia seeds are good for boosting mood so I use this as part of my arsenal to combat PFS. I also bought the ONNIT Alpha brain supplement to boost brain health. This supplement has L Theanine , L Tyrosine , Vitamin B6 and Cats Claw to help combat ANHEDONIA. I come across an article that talks about it. Here is the link below:

This is the first day I’ve started taking it and I do feel much more alert and I’m just in a better overall mood. I will probably just take this every other day though since this stuff is a bit expensive for me. I might buy an L tyrosine supplement that I can take everyday . Im also supplementing Vitamin D3. I ve also heard mixed reviews with supplementing with zinc. It is a 5 ar inhibitor so I am not sure if suppressing 5ar would be beneficial in helping us getting back to feeling normal? What do you guys think? Im hoping to feel a lot better once I start religiously hitting the gym again this week. I will keep you guys updated.

SPENDING TIME OUTDOORS IN THE SUN REALLY HELPS! Get out of the house whenever you get the chance. Staying at home browsing propecia forums and reading the horror stories all day is just going to make your mental health even worse. i I find that my mood is better when I step out of the house and get out into the SUN. Go for a walk. Sit at the park. Ride your bike. Go to a coffee shop and work on your laptop or read a book. Sitting at home and worrying about how PFS all day isn’t going to do you any good.Talking to a friend in person helps out a lot as well. I went to a bar to meet with an old friend today and it felt good to reconnect. Talking to friends or folks probably has a positive effect on your dopamine levels.Life must go on!The best thing to do is implement a regimen and stick it for a few months and see what works and what doesn’t.I obviously don’t have the answer to all this but Im just trying things out to see what works and what doesn’t for me. I don’t know the exact science behind all these supplements I just take the info Ive gathered from reddit and misc sites and Im just winging it and hoping it will improve my PFS.Cures obviously don’t happen overnight so the best thing to do is be patient. Im here if anyone needs to talk or vent. We can iMessage or email if you need someone to talk to. PFS sucks. I will keep you guys updated though. I wish you guys nothing but the best!

Peace! :v: