New member and not sure if i have pfs

I am a new member and i plan to stick around in hopes of curing my condition. I have been a lurker here for some days but i have been reading a lot about depersonalization and derealization in another forum. The reason i didnt make the connection and came here immediately is because i do not have taken any medication that justify me having pfs symptoms. The only phenomenon i dont understand here in this forum is the crash, because i never experienced any crash. My symptoms simply started as a mild depression accompanied with panic and anxiety attacks triggered not by hormones by by real life events and possibly exacerbated due to low testosterone. Some days i would stay awake for 3 days not being able to sit down just walking up and down. I also suffered from vitamin deficiency due to very unhealthy diet and sleeping patterns. I had little exposure to the sun so i probably had vitamin D deficiency and definitely had vitamin C deficiency because i got scurvy (gums bleeding horribly, cramps) which resolved shortly after i started consuming lemon. I slowly started to lose interest in real life and was interested only in gaming and porn. After a while i started to lose interest in those things too. Consuming only pizzas and fast food and a lot of sweets i became obese. Thing is that i didn’t become all around fat but belly fat possibly due to the excessive sugar consumption and metabolic issues that sugar causes, i was like a pregnant woman. Now i weight as much as back then but dont look fat because my fat is better distributed. After a year of being like this i started to notice more symptoms. My balls got smaller propably due to low LH and brain not signaling them to function properly and my body hair started to become thin and unnoticeable.Later i started dieting and powerlifting and my condition got much better. I still suspected that my testosterone was low and this is a reason why i am experiencing these foggy dereliazation feelings accompanied with anhedonia and reduced libido. I got tested and my testosterone was at 450 with range of 300 to 1100 and my E2 was at 50 with range 20 to 50 an LH was low I think that i also found DHT was low but back then i was of the uneducated opinion that DHT doesnt do anything important . I figured my estrogen was low so i took an aromatase inhibitor and retook the testosterone test the next morning. My T was at 1200 and LH high. I didnt take any further tests and continued the protocol of 2,5mg of letrozole once every week as happened in a study that i read in which letrozole was used to treat obesity related hypogonadism. 54% of men that took letrozole reported loss of libido and unsurprisingly i had the same results so i stopped taking letrozole. To me there seem to be one correct way to treat my condition. Lose weight decrease aromatase and increase T and DHT and if that fails use TRT. If TRT doesnt improve my condition it means i got PFS or some psychiatric induced hormonal problem. Sorry for not filling the questionnaire but ticking doesnt work when i click it.

If you haven’t taken any antiandrogenic substances its very unlikely you have PFS in my opinion. Do you have sexual side effects?

Yes as i mention in the post i have low libido, anhedonia, lack of motivation, depression, fatigue, and brain fog/ depersonalization. I dont use ssris and i find a medication used for bipolar disorder very uplifting as my doctor promised. I have found a neurologist and a urologist that both take my symptoms seriously unlike many people experienced here. My urologist was very skeptical since i had symptoms even if i was in range of low T. He was willing to perscribe me TRT but i never visited him again cause his office is far.

Yeah I’ve read the whole post now. Its awful that this is happening to you friend, I’d recommend trying TRT and if it doesn’t work I’d say it could possibly be PFS induced by the deficiencies if all bloods are in range.

Thing is the gradual symptoms of low T started even before the adoption of the unhealthy lifestyle and maybe it is these symptoms that led to my adopting this easy lifestyle. Doctor said that this gradual increase in symptoms is characteristic of low T. I should run some tests and update probably. The only strange thing is that T is low but not horribly, and the feeling of derealization, brain fog is very close to pfs. Thing is that many men with low T also complain of brain fog and it is listed as one of the symptoms of low T.

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Personally I think you’ll have good results from TRT.

PFS is basically all low T symptoms because T isn’t working right or androgen receptors or some shit but you can also obviously get low T symptoms the simple lovely way, from low T.

Anyone else can help?