New guy struggling to cope. Help needed


I’m a just a couple months into PFS symptons (a bunch of them). I’ve never been mentally strong and this situation has tested my limits. I’m not a native english speaker (spanish) but it’s not that awful. I tried to get blood work advice from the forum members but I’m aware the knowledge anyone has on PFS is limited, so I’m switching the approach and reaching out for some emotional support.

I’m thankful in advance for any kind word.


I am sorry Ulysses.

Nobody will tell you this is easy, nobody who knows anything about it anyway.

I know it might seem like an unlikely outcome at the moment but for many people, it gets better/easier/both.

As you’re only a couple of months off, if your experience is like mine you’re at what might be the worst point. It’s also possible for you to recover.

Have you confided in a friend? What are the symptoms that are troubling you most?


Wow, Greek. You really dedicate some effort to support newbies, thanks for that.
Waiting with such a condition is almost unbearable. Two of my female best friends know and have been supportive. My GF has also been incredible. However, I’m having a hard time with her because I can’t really get how one can keep a relationship with a guy whose sexual function is so damaged.

My parents can’t fully understand how 5ARIs can cause a systemic malfunction but they are willing to support my pursuit of medical treatment.

The thing that is bothering me the most is the current state of my testicles/penis. I got the deflated/loose skin on the balls and the deadweight penis. It is a horrible visual reminder of my condition (have bad EQ and arousal too). Things just look very unhealthy.

I won’t make it any longer. Just wanted to ask: did you take the “waiting path” because you found a positive trend in your condition from the start?

Thanks for reading and answering. You’re the only forum member that has provided some help.


It took a couple of months for any kind of improvement to show and my condition fluctuates. In that early period I read a lot of the forum, looking for something that might help. I bought a lot of vitamins and supplements, because that’s what a lot of people do here. What I found as I read was a lot of people who tried things and worsened their condition. This made me less inclined to try some of the more interesting supplements. Eventually, I stopped everything. I won’t say that I wasn’t suicidal, because I was at times. Very early on, I gritted my teeth and said this wasn’t going to beat me. I repeated it to myself. That honestly helped.

Your main concern can improve, and I have seen my body change from normal to the state you’re describing and back in very quick succession and at other times more gradually. It’s not a permanent change in my experience.