New diagnosis: neurological damage

I had my appointment last week in the urology department of a university hospital.
After 3 years I have a diagnosis for the first time: bladder voiding disorder, the urine flow measurement is highly pathological for a young man, the doctor told me.
My urine stream is also not as strong as it used to be.
He said that the cause is probably no longer detectable, it is neurological and could come from a nerve in the lumbar spine.
So it is clear: antidepressants can cause (spinal)nerve damage!
With 27 years a blister like an 80 year old just because 11 pills Trazodone!
My next appointment is with Andrology at the same clinic to let check my androgens.
Because androsterone gel has helped me (look my other thread) it is my last hope I think…


I’m sorry bro but you can’t state things like ‘‘antidepressants can cause (spinal) nerve damage’’ on the fact that your urine stream is not how it should be…
I have also been to a couple urologists and my urine flow was fine. Also you say that your doc said that it COULD come from nerve damage.
You are jumping waaaayy to early to possibly the wrong conclusions, what is worse is that you post those conclusions here.
So now the symptoms and conclusions keep piling up and we don’t know what’s relevant anymore.



Read this page please and studies in it. I’m not giving medical advice just an information I stumbled upon:

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Believe what you wan’t, it was Trazodone. Zadig777 also got symptoms like me from it.

Can you speak more on the nerve effected by the back or lumbar problem?
I’d appreciate it