New absurd symptom


My friends, I’m very bad and I’m getting worse. Following an involuntary ejaculation I had a hearing loss that has not returned. So I lost my hearing too, fantastic. Who else has this? It seems that the Androgen Receptor AR plays a fundamental role also in hearing or at least in fish. I no hope.


I am aware of at least one person
suffering hearing issues post ejaculation here so you are not alone in that.


Ciao I do not read the message man


Because I erased it.

How’s your vision?


Blurry vision, I also had neck pain that I did not have before!


What about the taste and smell senses? did you lose them too?


Yes too


Hey, the exocrine glands are also affected?


Yes man


I asume that the amount of tears and saliva have decreased significantly. Correct me if I’m wrong.


Damon, mio amico, unfortunately I have this too. Same scenario. Can you describe your hearing loss in more detail? Is it mainly high frequencies? Did you get an increase in tinnitus?


Ciao Awor! Hearing is much lower than before. In high frequencies, yes. At the same time to the loss of hearing, a neck pain arose, both of which did not go away :pensive::pensive::pensive:


Masturbation / ejaculation worsens my symptoms


I had 3 incidences of hearing loss, however this did not take place after ejaculation. The doctor told me it is called SSHL (Sensorineural Hearing loss). It took me 10 hours on average to regain my hearing. Very scary stuff.


Si molto spaventoso. Sei italiano come me?


no just an italian username :wink:


@Damon sad to read about your latest symptom hope you are doing ok. Leading up to this had you experienced any tinnitus or any other hearing issues?


My preexisting tinnitus got noticeably worse the morning of my crash. Several hours later I thought I was having a heart attack. Left work, went to emergency cardiologist, and on and on…