Neurotransmitters tests work

I was skeptical about neurotransmitter test but I was low on dopamine and serotonin and after taking supplements it’s increased quite a bit

More questions than answers in your post there, imo.

What is the test? How does it work? Who did it? What were the supplements? Why did you have the test done? Were the supplements prescribed? How did you feel before and after? Did you pay for it yourself? How much was it? Etc. Etc.

Sorry I’ll update, I have sexual side effects but 15 years after taking propecia I have depression, fatigue and low testosterone. Taking TRT helped but I learned that TRT and eating healthy are not the only things that affect energy. When I tested neurotransmitters all of them were low, 5htp boosted serotonin and phenylalanine and sam-e boosted dopamine, I get all these supplements through full script I go through a natural path to get the purest form. The supplements have boosted mood and energy as well, now things to note with TRT if you take it DONATE BLOOD because your red blood cells can raise and it can drain energy to have all those red blood cells, also you must strength train while on TRT or it does not go to good use and recently I took an iron test and it was very low, guess what can reduce energy levels low iron, I will take supplements for this. The main thing I’m finding fatigue is not an overnight fix there are several elements that go into it. As far as the neurotransmitters kit it was just called neurotransmitters test and was a home kit that collected a urine sample.

It cost 175 dollars and I paid for it myself