Neuropathy Treatment? R-alpha lipoic acid + B complex


I noticed from the latest Italian PFS studies, that neuropathy is one of the key findings:

“Peripheral neuropathy of the pudendal nerve, the major nerve supplying the genitals that is critical for peripheral neurogenic control of erection, in PFS patients is a novel finding that demonstrates for the first time involvement of the peripheral nervous system in PFS patients with severe ED.”


I’ve been researching possible treatments for neuropathy and the following article suggests:
Alpha-lipoic acid + Complete B-vitamin formula + Controlling blood sugar

nutritional-supplements-heal … opathy.htm

The article says:
“If you take alpha-lipoic acid, you need the B vitamins niacin and biotin to help it work inside your cells. These B vitamins are co-factors for alpha-lipoic acid, activating enzymes that help the mitochondria do the energy production that alpha-lipoic acid. And if you take niacin and biotin, you also need to balance them with thiamine, folic acid, B12, and B6. That’s because they way your liver processes niacin and biotin depends on the other B vitamins.”

I’ve just started the following:

  • Super R-Lipoic Acid (480mg per day) Life extensions brand
  • BioActive Complete B-Complex (2 caps per day) Life extensions brand
  • Avoiding all sugary foods and following a paleo diet.

The following article, claims that Alpha Lipoic acid is good for penile sensitivity … … ction.aspx

Thanks for the info, let us know how it goes. I think curing this neuropathy is key for many of us.

Will do.

Here is the original article that i found:
nutritional-supplements-heal … pathy.html

I noticed that ‘abctruck’ took alpha lipoic acid alongside carnitine and he claims to have fully recovered from a full blown crash:

I will probably add in L-carnitine too and take it alongside the r-alpha lipoic acid. It is supposed to be a very good combination.
For now though, my focus in on diet:
Cut out all sugars and simple carbs – eating vegetables, fruits, nuts, lean meats, and potatoes / sweet potatoes for carbs.

Update on this thread:

I finished a cycle of lipoic acid and noticed that it did increase sensitivity within a few days.
It seems to have a very mild 5ar inhibition affect … so I’ve stopped taking it.

Bad news is that I added in carnitine and experienced a mild crash!
I read somewhere that carnitine can block the uptake of thyroid hormones. This would explain my symptoms.

Guys, i thought I’d update this thread as I’m still taking R-Alpha Lipoic Acid.
In fact, it’s the only supplement i’m taking at the moment as its the only thing that consistently helps me.

I tried ordinary Lipoic acid but it had not effect at all.
It needs to be R-Alpha Lipoic Acid for it to help my PFS symptoms…

My condition is more manageable now with the help of R-Alpha Lipoic Acid.
I’m take 3 x 200mg tablets each day, usually on an empty stomach.

I do not take any other supplements, except that sometimes I will take a Multi-B vitamin
alongside the R-Alpha Lipoic Acid, if I feel that my body needs it, energy levels are low etc.

Which symptoms does it help you with and to what extent? Do you need to take it constantly?

Greek, it is helping with most of my symptoms, including sexual function, digestion/bowel issues.
Yes I need to take it regularly (400mg to 600mg per day) otherwise the effects wear off.

I was hit hard by finasteride side effects, so i do not expect a 100% recovery. If I could get a 70 to 80% recovery, I’d be happy with that.

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What about increasing to 3*600mg?
And adding Acetyl L-carnitine?
And L-tyrosine?
I cannot comment why:) Just an Idea. I won’t answer. Good luck.

What is the difference between normal lipoic acid and the one you are taking?