Neurohormone Theory

Interesting read if yall are interested. Apparently high progesterone can cause a disturbance in SERT which disregulates seretonin receptors in the brain. As with PSSD sufferes apparently PFS studies showed high progesterone levels too. Apparently estrogen is suppose to help counteract the effects of high progesterone. one suffer even had a mini recovery after taking exogenous estrogen. Could this by why NSAID(known aromatase inhibitor) use has been know to correlate with worse PFS symptoms? Many members have experienced extreme worsening of symptoms as a result of ingesting prescribed aromatase inhibitors.


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There was a PSSD member that recovered with a exogenous estrogen. I don’t recall if it was permanent, as I think I saw it in a forum signature.

There was a permanent PSSD recovery with 18g of inositol (Swanson brand) for 7 weeks. It is believed that inositol can resensitize serotonin receptors. It causes diarrhea to so maybe there’s a gut/parasite cleansing effect as well.

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since I have minor PSSD maybe it’d be worth it to invest in some inositol