Netflix show "Into the NIght"

highly recommend this show. as an american i really dont get into foreign films but this is one of my favorite series. its Belgian, dubbed in english.

it feels like im watching a continuous movie rather than a show. very well done thriller.


Thanks, when I have time I’ll watch it. :slightly_smiling_face:

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let me know how you like it

I’ll check it out if I remember to. Still have to finish Squid Game. All the buzz about it feels a little sus but so far I am having fun. It’s supposed to be Lacanian but I can’t read.

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I like squid game so far

Squid game is worth seeing?

I thought that if you had seen Battle Royale, Hunger Games, and Parasite, there is nothing in squid game that those movies didn’t already show.


i never saw those :smiley:

i guess it doesnt have the most depth (maybe im wrong) but it was entertaining

I haven’t seen Hunger Games, but have seen both Battle Royale and Parasite and also similiar fare such as Alice in Borderland. As well as rating the aforementioned, I also thoroughly enjoyed Squid Game. Maybe I’m a sick bastard for enjoying this particular sub genre of playing games for your survival, but Squid Game isn’t rinse and repeat mindless violence. It is well written and the characters well drawn. For such a brutal drama it has a lot of heart, particularly the lead. It gets a thumbs up from me anyway (a horror fan who likes to think that he’s discerning - but who doesn’t).


Anyone read Lacan? Maybe they can explain why Squid Game is worth watching.

@Mercked - what would be your Lacan Squid Game complementary reading list?

I barely have enough focus to watch the show itself. I haven’t seen the full video, but this might be interesting:

Squid Game is definitely worth a watch. Some very good metaphors for society and the way they use sound to create this weird sense of suspense and terror throughout is brilliant.