Nerve pain and much more

I can’t cope anymore. I’ve given up on life. The Sicca syndrome, the fatigue, the neuropathy is so painful, and I lost my future in Spain with my Spanish girlfriend, and I lost any joy.

It’s been impossible to explain this since the illness started two years ago to any of my large family. Nobody cares or listens, and nobody can fix it. I look back to the person I was. I was a colourful, charming, handsome, and well travelled man. Now I just get ignored and have lost it all.


Dry eyes and tinnitus are destroying every single little joy and hope left in me…Hang in there brother, you are not alone

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Dry eyes and tinnitus are only two of many of things I now have wrong with me. I’m far beyond that (and that is bad enough I know).

Hey @johnnyzenith,

I am sorry to hear you’re having such a rough time. When I signed up here, I was very suicidal but fortunately recognised that I needed to take some sort of control of the situation. It’s this reason that I signed up to help the admins here. By helping out on the forum, I feel that I’m able to contribute something and with each tiny step, can be part of getting both myself and everyone here to a better place. Is there something that you feel you can contribute? You may feel more positive if you do.

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No, the pain is too terrible to contribute to anything. The nerve pain.

Is your doctor able to prescribe something for the pain?

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Any treatment is barely effective and changes me as a person. This condition is pure evil and any choice made is a bad one. I will have to up the Pregablin and go through hell.

I am stuck isolated in a room whilst my best friends around the world lead great lives. My beautiful ex and I would be living off the Mediterranean coast in Spain in the sun. I was flying to Mexico for 3 weeks to see my friends again (I use to live there) and I was well known and loved. My best friend lives in Porto in Portugal and I have friends in London, US, and much more. Suddenly in the course of a week 2 years ago my body crashed. I then basically began to lose everything. Now I get no support or understanding from family and I’m too much in pain and fatigue (and many other symptoms) to even go to the gym, run, or fly abroad to be with my friends. I know I won’t last another Christmas. I look on the moment I decided to take Propecia as the most devastatingly bad decision of my life. I had decided to come off it as I was moving abroad and it was silly to have begun it. I didn’t know what would happen to me. I was a worldly Englishman and loved. Now I live in pain and isolation. Still at least my large family understand and call me. No, they don’t.

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We are sadly on our own in this…I literally throw my family from my house and my life, after i have given them every reason and proof of my condition, and their only answer was; im having depression…No one can understand the devastation this disease brings…Stop wasting your time with your family, or friends, and accept that this is a lonely disease, and alone you are much more stronger, than with ppl who doubt every thing you do or say. Just embrace it.

I’m really sorry to hear those details @johnnyzenith. I fortunately am not intimately familiar with all your symptoms, but I am aware of other cases who are in pain as you describe, including one of the most inspirational People I’ve met, sadly through the terrible position we find ourselves in.

This may be the worst of times but life does go on, and we have to make the best of it. How you choose to spend your days is up to you, but you have the choice to join with us and press things forwards, if you can write a forum post, you can write a tweet, fill out a survey, write up your story. I know it’s hard, we are on your side.

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You think you can’t live like this and you can’t survive because you are in high level of anxiety. Your pains and all the suffering is true but your main problem is that suffering induced anxiety make your nervous system more pressured and it cause more suffering. Same time you compare your past self with now and future self. It cause more suffering. your current anxiety filled mood make you feel your life is miserable. What you need now is anxiety free NOW moment which will increase your confident. I suggest you go to youtube and listen Buddhism and arrange a therapy session with a Psychiatrist. I am pretty sure you will feel better once you reduce your anxiety. PM me if you need any Buddhism related resources,

I’m afraid that isn’t the case. I am riddled with Small Fibre Neuropathy. Even full relaxation doesn’t stop it being terrible. I thank you very much for your message.

Ok but I still believe high-level of anxiety is involved because even though you said ‘Full relaxed’ you can’t just turn on your relaxation mode when so much negative is going on your mind. I am sure you can climb through that hell. You better go through my suggestions with your other ongoing treatments. You will heal with time !!