Nerve dysfunction?

Yesterday I developed a strange pain sensation which really alerted me as I had never felt anything like this before.

I was bending down putting clothes away when I suddenly got a throbbing sensation with slight pain in around my groin/lower abdomen area.
Now I wouldn’t of really noticed this or thought anything else about it but this was a very strange feeling because

Simultaneously I had the exact same sensation and throbbing at the exact same intervals down my right leg right above ankle.

It really threw me, how could I have the exact same pain/sensation in two different areas of the body without the pain being connected I.e. pain inbetween the areas mentioned also.

It only throbbed for like 5 seconds and would go away, but I then noticed it another 3 times throughout the day.

To me it only makes sense that it’s some kind issue with the nervous system as surely that’s the only way the body connects those areas.

Has anyone else had similar feeling to this?

I’ve experienced smth like this several times. Brief and acute spasmatic pain. Every single time it came witout any reason. I’ve seen at least one topic on this forum, where this issue was mentioned.

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