Nembutal suicide

I will be traveling to Mexico and try to get my hands on Nembutal. I can’t believe what my life has turned into. I hope you guys stay strong and are able to find ways to cope and still live a meaningful life. This is too much for me.

@ruinedlife please don’t do this. I noticed you joined in September last year, which is less than a year. I remember the first year I was suicidal daily. It was brutal, and my symptoms were at their worst.

Things improved around the 18 month mark to the point where I realised I would not give up until we have an understanding of what has happened to us. Others keep hope for different reasons.

Please give it some more time to see if you improve before you do this.


What have you tried so far to make yourself better?

@ruinedlife On lonely days I think about suicide hourly too. I’m possesed than to take my live to make this ugly desicion to take Finistarid and to develope a very rare disease killing my manhoud forever non existent anymore. But in my current state I would not bei able to travel to Mexico, never.

I took this poison “Out of the blue”. I can’t accept that there is no reset, not a second chance, to make the worsed desicion of my entire live undo.

“Urologist gave me a Finistarid Generica against benign prostain enlargement. Much to early, it is used as the last chance before an Op normaly. Because of a sexuall relationship I didn’t use the poison for 2 years. Than we had a break and in feb 21 I started Finistarid Out of the blue. Without checking the Internet about any sideeffects. All the warnings in the package leaflet I ignored. 2 months later I started up a new love with my stunning girlfriend. It was the worst Horror trip of my entire Life. The First night I realized the Finistarid sideeffects and that I was pre exposed to pfs. Since this night I cannot stopp to ask me, why didn’t you check the Internet about this drug”.

I don’t accept anything. I only want to reset my live to the evening before taking Finistarid without a critical second view of another doctor, without checking the pills in two years. Now im wrecked, all the fun is gone, no more woman, no more sex, burning feets, numb arms, loosing muscles in the calves and arms, need hours to come out of the bed, lost all my fitness…

But committing suicide you harm your family and friends. At least it is an act of extrem brutality, not everyone dies of nebutal or other sleeping pills, using poison hurts for hours. Jumping from a towerhouse or in front of a train is a hardcore act. Even the use of a shotgun is fast but not without a risk, waking Up totally damaged.

So suicide is a humans right (not practible, because lacking of human skills to do it without pain) but the very last opportunity.

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Man, you crashed 16 months ago. Come on.

Take some time.

Have you tried something to get better? Obviously everything comes with risk with PFS, but if you are really going to take Numbetal … There are plenty of things worth trying.