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One of the possible reasons we turned to a hairloss drug could have been due to our inner voice telling us that losing our hair would make us less of a person to the outside world. If that is the case then that critical inner voice could still be with us and affecting our lives in different ways. That inner voice could be contributing towards depression or anxiety that can impact on our sleep and general happiness. That inner voice could be the product of events from our past lives or due to mental health problems that have occurred though PFS.

If you are making decisions in your life based on critical thoughts brought on by your own mind you may want to stop and rethink everything and ask if this is really working for you. That negative thinking could push you to try a protocol, drug or supplement that ends up making your condition worse. If you make a mistake, worsen your condition or some other aspect of your life due to a certain critical thought that thought is the first one to abandon you when things goes wrong. Your mind has allowed your body to take the risk then steps back when things go wrong. That negative thought could well appear as something else further down the road and so the cycle repeats.

Now if we add in the symptoms of PFS to our personal and professional lives this can lead to further criticisms of ourselves causing further unhappiness. It’s fair to say we have been through enough pain without imparting more on ourselves through negative thinking.

The inner critic course is very affordable and at the time of writing was $69. That’s the cost of a few bottles of vitamins and may have a more profound affect on your life.

Pyschalive have produced an online course covering that inner critical voice.

If you don’t want to do the course there is a book called Conquer Your Critical Inner Voice.

Conquer Your Critical Inner Voice

Each of us has an “inner critic” judging our every action and instructing us on how to live our lives. But how much are we letting this inner critic control us? Are our actions based on what we really feel and believe, or are we living our lives based on our inner critic’s negative programing? Learning to effectively overcome our ‘critical inner voice’ is central to all areas of life: personal development, healthy relationships, self-esteem, and career success.

This six week eCourse with Dr. Lisa Firestone, author of Conquer Your Critical Inner Voice, will explore how to counter negative thinking and live free from the imagined limitations we place on ourselves. eCourse participants will learn how to identify the destructive thoughts or ‘critical inner voices’ that interfere in all areas of their lives and often lead to self-sabotage. Through multimedia-rich presentations, participants will discover the source of these negative thought patterns, as well as hands-on ways to combat them. Self-reflective exercises, such as journal activities and quizzes, will help individuals to differentiate from these internalized negative influences and live more fulfilling, goal-oriented lives. Participants will also learn effective tools that can be used to challenge and overcome these destructive inner thoughts and to more effectively cope with anxiety, depression, personal relationships, and career.

This eCourse is designed to help individuals who want to break free from self-critical thoughts and develop themselves to achieve their goals in life

If the link doesn’t work the main site can be found here

Here is a free powerpoint on the inner voice

There are other self help books out there to help with negative thinking if you find anything helpful leave a comment below. Thanks


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