Need your advice to check my hormone and cortisol levels

Hi all.

I am going to do a hormone and cortisol test soon.

In your opinion. Is an extensive urine test a reliable way to gauge hormone and cortisol levels? If not, what would be a more reliable alternative?

Thanks in advance for your guidance.

The test I have in mind is a so-called “Dutch Complete” test.

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I’m not sure what’s reliable or what’s not but I’ll say that I had a 24 hour urine cortisol test that came back normal and I’ve had a 24 hour saliva test that showed low levels all day.

Thanks for the answer. Have you experienced things such as fatigue and brain fog?

Every day man, every fuckin day

I’ve also had blood cortisol that showed high cortisol like a year ago so I don’t know what to do and doctors won’t do anything

Very sorry to hear that. My fatigue has been extreme this last month.

Even going for a walk has felt like being in a boxing fight.

Isn’t there medicine that lowers cortisol?

Adaptogens can help lower cortisol. As can practicing stoicism and being out in nature.

A good hack is to get a HRV moinotor and heartsense app (or one similar) so that your phone buzzes anytime your HRV rises (a trigger stresses you).

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I there anything in particular one should keep in mind/follow when doing a hormone test?

Regarding orgasm/sexual acitivity for example?

Should one abstain/not abstain from orgasm for a certain amount of time to get “accurate” test results?

Would really appreciate some tips.

Probably just not the day of or before.

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I wouldn’t take anything that lowers cortisol until you know where you’re levels are at. Just in case they are already low

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I asked several Endocrinologists to check my levels too because, I was suspecting cushings but, all of them said cortisol readings are not trustable, it can vary a lot in day unless you have an adrenal tumor or heavy insufficiency it is meaningless and last one checked it was perfectly normal also acth was also in perfect range.


Thanks a lot for your answers and tips.

The thing is, I want to exclude heavy insufficiency so I will go through with the test.

If there is anything else I should keep in mind, please let me know.

Thanks a lot gyus.