Need to stretch returning

This is something that I had lost a long time ago and didnt even realize till it came back. I used to wake up in the morning and have an automatic need to stretch my groin by extending my legs and clenching my perineum. For the past 16 years or so, I stopped having this response but over the past month or so, it has returned. Also finally noticing more frequent spontaneous erections again. Its hard for me to identify permanent damage at this point but without a doubt, I have been feeling improvements on all fronts and it feels encouraging to recover sensations that I havent felt in 16 years or so. Stay optimistic people. Im one of the longer term sufferers here and if I can still recover from most of this, then all of you probably can as well.


I still feel the urge to stretch but there is zero pleasure involved in filling it with freshly oxyegnated blood. Thats the problem if you ask me…

You are still a very recent victim so I would try to be way more optimistic. Youre still more likely to recover than most Im sure. I know its all relative and whether youre on day one of pfs or year 10, it feels equally intolerable but as I see more and more improvements, I care less and less about my past suffering. Just do the best things you can to stay mentally and physically healthy in the meantime and your future self will thank you. Ive read some of your posts and know that youre in a dark place but its way too soon for you to be considering suicide and pessimism only puts you in a mental prison. Its important to stay away from that.


still more likely is 0.001% to 0.002% it seems. I have the hours reading posts on my profile to prove i’ve gone through everything. Theres just too much optimism that doesn’t exist.

True pfs (one pill kind) is just permanent. And now. I have the joint deteroiation thing, stomach problems i have to push my food through my stomach so it doesnt just sit and make me feel sick, i see floaters all the time, everything cracks my neck, wrists knees ankles. THIS IS THE START

Its likely in 6 months the agony i was in yesterday waking up with leg pain is going to be incredibly worse… Thanks fin, thanks adex, thanks fate. I love you -.- I do feel i deserve all this though, karma is real

rn ive lost all hope

@Junkieasteride I’ll probably be the first to tell you, but I’m certainly not the only one to think about it: get help from a good psychiatrist. I think you need someone to follow you. Your reasoning is inconsistent and you change your mind at any moment. You were told to let your body recover on its own and you said you were going to do it and a few hours later you took a high dose of AI. You then took meth and God only knows what else … Get help.


When one doesn’t intend to live friend why bother with the toxicity? It doesn’t bother me at all. I saw a psych instantly dismissed fin as a cause of problems so fuck all of them it’s a fake science anyway

I took an AI cus I needed to know if it was estrogen related. Numb dick after test shot it’s good logical thinking… I was trying to trt to get to normal but it numbd my dick I thought maybe PFS makes me aromatise more. Its not like I just went ooh ais!

When everyone says get help? From whom? Doctors and psychs have been useless. I know at least, if it gets bad enough IV opiates will stop any pain. No joint pain or anything then. I mean I’ve never done them but I gladly will if it comes to this.

I literally just don’t think the same as you sorry mate but I aren’t gonna sit and do nothing because I might get worse. It’s likely to end in suicide at this rate anyway because I’ve had everything I’ve loved taken away from me.

The loss of my emotions isn’t coming back I think its permanent for sure, it’s just not budged never been the same. I’ve lost, me. i don’t even know who I am anymore. I don’t think you understand that I was already suicidal before PFS so now dude I’ll take every risk on this planet before I die.

No offense but ppl seem to be afraid of the big bad boys stims and steroids but if anything was gonna help in my opinion it’s them not herbs or vitamin tablets or keto diet problem is everyone is too damn afraid!

Ive never had a fear for these drugs before pfs and I already found away to become hypersexual within a month or two so you act like I’m failing but dude I literally treated one of the symptoms albeit temporarily. I’m not just doing this to help my miserable life but I also did it to expand PFS knowledge.

Im a lot happier now knowing I can be still be hypersexual so judge me all you want but remember two people just don’t think the same. I’ve used recreational drugs 6 years why would PFS stop me from trying the same shit I’ve used in the past? Honestly, if I get worse. It makes my inevitable suicide easier so win win.