Need some advice: how do you explain PFS to family and friends?


Hi all.

I feel I am caught between a rock and a hard place.

My parents have been REALLY supportive ever since I started suffering from my neurological symptoms, but as time goes by and different doctors and medical exams show that there is “nothing” wrong with me, I lose credibility and my parents are losing their patience, thinking I am being lazy/comfortable not working.

Truth is, I can’t handle any kind of work right now, my brain reacts terribly to both physical and mental effort, not to mention an extreme intolerance against any sort of stressful situation.

I understand their point of view, I don’t have any proof to show to them.

How do you guys handle this issue? I mean, explaining a possible AR overexpression and silencing of the AR signal is kind of complex and sounds like I am throwing a far-fetched theory at my parents, which they wouldn’t believe.



Have you shown them any of the papers generated from studies that demonstrate the existence of the condition? The foundation has a section on the website.

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Just show them this forum, our topics. Just explain your situation. Don’t be shamed about your sexual symptoms. I’ve talked both with my mother and dad back then. Of course they couldn’t help me. And thought im making this up in my mind at first, but they believe me now.

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Thing is, I “only” have neurological symptoms, that, and cognitive breakdowns after orgasm, which, in the end, is somehow neurological.



I will Greek, thanks a lot. It’s worth a try.



Hi @Capello, I would recommend providing them the abstracts of these recent literature reviews:

I hope that helps



Thank you very much guys. I will give it a shot and see what happens.

I am sure some of you have heard the argument “if there was something seriously wrong with you then the doctors would have found out by now”.

That is what I am starting to get, it’s discouraging and frustrating.



“if there was something seriously wrong with you then the doctors would have found out by now”

^ This is a huge classic for us. I think everyone have heard this one way or another. Lol :smile: It also shows that how people falsely understood the medicine and science. I don’t have trust to doctors and science anymore. We are all an experiment mouse in a cage. No difference.