Need help with disassociation and depersonalization/Venting

Ive been dealing with intense anxiety for about 5 months now. One of the only ways I have managed with this was by driving when I would begin to have a panic attack. I like to go to offroad parks as I have a lifted 4runner. It helps ground me as I have to really pay attention to what im doing and its something I enjoy. Might seem like a bad idea but I have done this over a 100 times and it always helps. Well yesterday I was a total dumbass and didnt check the water depth before going through a “puddle” and now my truck is hydro-locked/ possibly totaled. I feel extremely hopeless at the minute as this was my one escape. I could really use help with how to manage the anxiety/disassociation at home. I feel like I could totally power through these symptoms alone. but together with the flare ups of depression makes it SUPER FUCKING HARD. I really wish the brain fog disassociation would fade as I could totally manage the other symptoms If I felt like I was actually connected to reality. ANY advice on relieving the disconnection would be very helpful.


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If you can get it try clonazepam. It saved my ass many many times. Use sparingly and cautiously

I’m.also on Lamictal and wouldn’t recommend because of side effects but I remember it did slightly lower derelaization at first although it may have been lowerin on its own.

I feel you man. This symptom is brutal. I’ve felt like I’m a video game character or something ever since I got pfs. Derealization/depersonalization is very difficult to explain to others as well. It’s just so bizarre.

However, this symptom has disappeared for me instantly during my temporary recoveries. Unfortunately it didn’t last but it gives me hope that one day if we find a cure I’ll go back to normal over night.