Need help with blood work - High T, low FSH, Hight LH?

I got the first part of my blood work results back today and was hoping some of you could help explain this.

The things that seem off to me is that my Test is high/normal for my age while my TSH is extremely low while LH is high but 3a seems normal/little high. Along with my cortisol seeming to be everywhere. Is there anything else that seems off?? I will be speaking to Dr. Bieley soon but would like your input

Your testosterone and shbg are ideal. It seems a lot of folks with pfs have normal lh, but fsh is lowered for some reason. My fsh is low as well when lh is normal. Speak to your doc about why your fsh may be so low. Maybe it’s a tumour or something, but if not and the doc doesnt give you any good advice then pfs is the cause of all issues most likely.

You may not think what I’m about to say is helpful, and if that’s the case, sorry.

People here have been posting their hormone levels for decades.

We have had body builders who tested their levels both before and after having a post drug problem.

What we have found is that hormone levels are not an indicator of pfs or an indicator of how to treat pfs. The levels are unlikely to be the part of your system that needs adjustment.


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your CRP is higher, LH is not high it is normal.

wouldn’t 0.34 be low?

you are right, my bad.