Need help understanding Labs

So I took propecia for two weeks about two year ago, I lost morning wood within the first week and it never came back. I decided to do some labs and here are the results, tell me what you guys think. BTW I’m 27, do not workout at all, also when I reported side effects to doctor he did give me a testosterone cypionate shot once but it didn’t help, and I just moved on with life. Vitamin D is low as well as vitamin b12, Vitamin D is low because I work nights taking supplements for it. Wondering what to do now? do I wait and see where I’m at once vitamin D is within level not sure if it helps with these levels.

Estradiol (Sensitive) 20.0 range pg/mL. 15.0-31.5

Estrogen, Total 92 pg/mL 40-115

Free 10.0 Testosterone(Direct) pg/mL 9.3-26.5

FSH 2.10 mIU/mL 1.27-19.26

LH 3.30. mIU/mL 1.24-8.62

Testosterone Total 279 ng/dL 175-780

Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA-S) 235 21-30 years old: 85-690 μg/dL

Progesterone 0.68 Males : 0.14 - 2.06 ng/mL

Prolactin 5.97 ng/mL 2.64-13.13

Sex Hormone Binding Globulin(SHBG) 9.10 nmol/L 13.30-89.50

I would go to an endocrinologist and have him treat you for possibly low T levels. Your level in that test is on the low side. I would get it tested again and see if he thinks you have hypogonadism. If you get treated for hypogonadism and your symptoms do not go away, then you can start to think about possibly having PFS. However, as long as you have low T, since hypogonadism is probably 10,000x as prevalent as PFS, you fortunately can assume that the most likely cause of your symptoms is hypogonadism, which is 100% treatable.

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I’m not a doctor and my opinion below doesn’t substitute for consulting with a specialist. Now that’s out of the way, I’ve scanned your labs and there’re several abnormalities.

  • Low total testosterone (279). This is maybe secondary hypogonadism since LH is also low(ish).

  • Low free Testosterone (10). Raising total testosterone would likely raise it.

  • Low-normal DHEA-s. Especially for your age, I’d expect it to be in the upper one third of the lab range. Could be elevated cortisol?

  • Very low SHBG (9.10). This may be indicative of metabolic syndrome or other abnormalities. Have ur fasting blood sugar, liver profile, and thyroid tested.

  • E2 (20). In good range despite your low Testosterone. How is your libido?

Other labs seem ok. T/E2 ratio is 13.95, which is on the lowish side. Increasing your testosterone may bring back your morning wood. I’d suggest to start working out 3X or 4X a week and up your total calories. Reduce stress, get more quality sleep and sun exposure. Funnily, my B12 is over the top range and supplementation isn’t ideal in my case. Maybe try B complex?


Thanks for replying doomed80, makes sense if i raise T it should fix some of these abnormalities. I want to do this naturally not trying to be on trt since its life long. I spoke to an urologist, he did give the typically answer from saying propecia does not cause loss of morning wood etc. He also said I should do exercise and come back in 6 months if Total T does not go up, I would have to be on trt. I also read if your deficient on vitamin D it can cause low T since it is required to produce T. I am taking b12 and vitamin D since I’m deficient in both. What I find odd is I’m starting to get weak morning wood 2x a week now since starting these vitamins so idk whats going on. As for libido its okay i guess, just I have to force myself and even then erections are not that great ED.

Thanks for replying, yeah hypogonadism is a bit odd for me. Since I have brothers around my age who do not have an issue at all. The only thing different is I took propecia and they did not. My father is 70 and he has no issue at all lol. I think vitamin D deficient and no gym might be a problem, will start going gym and taking vitamin D( 5000 per day per doctor). Urologist that I spoke to said there’s no link between vitamin D and Total T but I think hes wrong.

There seem to be all kinds of causes. Maybe it was caused by the propecia. It can also be caused by things like stress and social isolation. Anyway, in my opinion your first order of business is to normalise your hormone levels and see how you feel then. Some of us that didn’t fix the problem, thus our belief in PSSD/PFS/PAS.