NEED HELP please anyone hope

Please someone anyone give me hope

Nearly 6 years after cold turkeying SSRIs 150mg and NO LIBIDO and anhedonia. Living my own personal nightmare as the reason I went on the 150mg Sertraline is because I was hurt romantically/emotionally/gaslighted/ghosted by someone I fell in love with aged 19 and Im 27 now and Im so terrified of not falling in love again because it’s been 8 years since I was interested and attracted to someone.

Please PLEASE give me hope. I dont mean to upset or trigger anyone but Im so close to hurting myself. I never met anyone like me on these forums. Long term 0 libido (no windows) 6 years without sexual feelings and no interest in men/relationships although I WANT TO WANT IT.
Also, 150mg!!! that’s so much. I feel so hopeless. I want to feel joy, excitement, lust, love, ANYTHING GOOD GOD PLEASE.
I dont want to hang on anymore because I feel like Im waiting for something that will never happen. I cant face the rest of my life like this, the last 8-6 years has been my own personal hell. I feel like I died inside a long time ago and I just want my body to catch up. Putting myself through this is cruel


Hey Laurie,

I totally understand where you are coming from as I too just kind of live in hope. I think this hope is growing tremendously here as a community. No matter the drug, how long we took it or the resulting symptoms I believe these are all epigenetic issues we’re facing. I know when it’s so bad the only thing that helps is the idea of a cure. Look at current developments in recent years with all kinds of methylation testing and DNA kits. These things will help us massively. The idea that crispr may soon be able to reverse these changes is massive. If these things can ever be reversible for me the life I will go onto live will be worth the pain, I know it. I don’t let myself think of any other option. Or try not to.

Please contribute to all of the community projects. Start with the survey, sorry if someone already asked you but we’re trying to get on top of this now as it could really help lead to finding what’s wrong and a cure. I will also DM you about another project.

Please hang on, Xo


Do you have health insurance?

Please go to a clinical social worker or psychologist for help ASAP.

Not a psychiatrist–he will just put you on more destructive medications.

Thanks Bunny, I hope you’re well. I DMed you back

I’m in Ireland so thankfully it isn’t as expensive here. Cant access GPs lately cos of the corinavirus and I have a cough so to be safe Im not risking spreading this to others just in case it is that

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Hello Laurie
Believe I understand the feeling of being detached from all emotion
Indeed it is scary and I uunderstand your distress…however I do believe that technology and science are on our side…too many ppl suffer from PSSD and it is recognized by the health community or st least getting to it my prevalently.
Watch the YouTube video of the kid that got cured of PSSD by Ibogaine.
I don’t know anything about Ibogaine but the video is at least encouraging to know someone can take SSRI and have a complete reversal of symptoms.

There are ppl working for us. To see the benefits of that you must hang on and stay with us. Then we ban all rejoice once this hell is over
Peace and Love