Need help ! I think I fucked my self from 0.5mg

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24 /14.05.2020
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Hi everyone! I have 24 years and I started trt 6 mouths ago and I felt awesome in many ways but I started to notice that I loose hair in the shower . I think was not so much but I freaked out . My doc gived me propecia to combat this side effect. Here is the funny thing . I took only 0.5 and I felt nothing that day . The next day , my dick was dead . My libido was gone too and my mood was off . I became very depressed and anxious and have brain fog . Today is day 5 and my penis is numb , and I don’t have any sexual thought. Worse than that is the fact that I am depressed and I don’t want to do anything at all . I don’t know what to do . I increased my trt dose but I don’t feel anything from it . I should have stayed away from this poison . Believe me , it’s not in my head , I masturbate the third day and I felt nothing 0% erection no matter how . Like my dick was not responding. Very sad … maybe I’m very sensible. Will i will ever return to normal ? I’m still like that by the way . Can you fucked up your life from 0.5mg ?

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I really need some help ! I feel like I am in a constant hangover and very very depressed , alone… I can bearly function… should I take ssri ? I

Hi man. To answer your question, yes you can get PFS from a single dose, as low as 0.25mg. It can range from mild to moderate to severe. There’s really no way to predict this thing. It’s in the “Wild West” of medicine so to speak. You were very smart to stop the medicine at the first sign of trouble. You shouldn’t ever touch Propecia, Accutane, Minoxodil, Saw Palmetto, or anything like that ever again. It sounds like it’s been less than a week for you. The moderators here typically say to wait a full 3 months to determine whether or not you’re looking at persistent symptoms from the drug. So your best bet would be to live the cleanest lifestyle you can, do your best not to think about your body, penis, or anything else, and then re-evaluate at the 3 month mark to see if things are normalizing for you. Keep in mind that the majority of guys are fine when taking the drug, and if side effects occur, most of those guys are fine after a certain period of time. It’s the few of the few who get hit with persistent side effects.

If you can, spend some quality time outside, in a sauna, and eat nutrient-dense foods when you decide to eat. Avoid people or situations that cause you to feel stressed or anxious. Aim to get the recommended 7-8 hours of sleep per night.

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Thanx for the answer, I really hope at least my mental health to improve because i never felt like this . Maybe I’m not so unlucky to get pfs from 0.5mg … but what a pill … It really change my life around in 5 days . I will go tomorrow to do some bloodwork at TSH and estradiol

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Welcome to our forum, Victor, and thank you for posting your member story!

I am sorry that you are going through this. Unfortunately, it is not unheard of that a single small dose can cause severe and sometimes persistent side effects. Fortunately, many people recover or get significantly better with time. So, try to remain calm (easier said than done, I know), don’t take any medication and don’t do any other drastic life changes. Chances are that you will get better with time, maybe quickly so.

If these side effects persist for weeks or months, we will be here for you.

Please note that SSRIs can cause a syndrome that looks identical to PFS and that we strongly suspect is driven by the same molecular driver. Given your sensitive reaction to Finasteride, I’d stay away fro SSRIs going forward if in any way possible.

Good luck!

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Today it’s a week since I take the pill . I experienced a little bit of improvement . I get morning woods but I have zero libido . I did bloodwork and my estrogen went at 80 which is very high (40 is maximum ) and my TSH went from 1300 to 850 which I don’t think is an issue . I started today to take 0.5mg Arimidex eod . I had so much anxiety and depression with suicidal thoughts, I couldn’t handle it so I jumped on Remeron and I got a little bit better. Maybe propecia stop the conversion of testosterone to dht , so the testosterone only choice was to convert into estrogen . Maybe estrogen is to blame for my mental side effects and my nonexistent libido . I guess we are going to find out In the next couple of weeks . If nothing changes I am going to increase my trt dose and add 100mg proviron/ day to boost Dht.

Be aware some people got pssd from Mirtazapine (remeron).