Need help finding studies linking Finasteride and Depression - Please Help

Hello guys, I need some help here. As some of you know my job is trying to fire me because I was depressed from propecia, since I am in law enforcement they are saying that my depression posed a threat. They are also saying that there is no evidence that points to finasteride causing my severe depression and that because (they believe) it wasn’t caused by finasteride there is chance for reoccurance. Obviously this is total bullshit, besides the fact that I have no history of depression before finasteride it is fairly well known about the link between finasteride and depression… hell the FDA has it LISTED on their website.

None the less, my job’s medical doctor, another government agency in fact says that finasteride does not cause severe depression. Apparently he doesn’t pay much attention to the lastest stuff from the FDA. Of course this seems fairly easy to defend but my attorney wants all the ammo he can get in fighting this.

What I need:

Any and all studies/medical documented information linking finasteride to depression. Provide me direct links if you can I will be looking as well but I don’t want to miss anything. If you’ve seen some study not on here or maybe not easily found on here please I ask you to post it. My career is at stake and these jerks at my HQ are really trying to push me out.

Also if you know of any psychiatrists who have dealt with finasteride depression (drug induced depression) cases specifically please let me know. Any and all information relating to finasteride and depression is welcome.

Thank for your help in advance.



Thanks Mew that one actually helps a lot because it says that the depression resolved after stopping the drug. The depression has infact faded for me but it did take several months.

did depression far away from you know? how long did you do it?