Need advice on medication suggestions for psychiatrist appointment l

Hi guys,

This year has been terrible for my mental health. My depression has worsened and my anxiety and panic levels are at an all time high to the point where I feel like I’m losing my mind. After unsuccessful trials with supplements I finally made an appointment with a psych. I’m sure I’ll be having to take some type of medication, and assuming he’ll probably suggest some type of ssri or srni. Is there any type of medication like this that isn’t as dangerous for us to take? Wellbutrin is not an option as I’ve taken it twice and it’s made my anxiety worse. At this point it seems like I’ll have to take an ssri but worsening of some of my sexual symptoms seems a fair trade for easing the intense anxiety and unease I’ve felt for months now.


I don’t know how bad your symptoms are, and I don’t know what the right or wrong medications are, but could you benefit from any non medication based treatments?

I’m not trying to offer advice based on anything but the fact that some people find themselves posting here because of anti depressant use. It might be beneficial to consider what alternatives there are if you haven’t already. If you have, apologies for wasting your time.

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yeah try working on diet, look at your vitamin D levels, use cronometer to hit all your basics like calcium, magnesium, b vitamins, potassium, etc. everyday. i feel loads different based on if i eat right or not.

The only anti depressant I would ever consider taking is Amitriptyline. It’s an older style TCA not a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor. It helps with sleep , chronic pain, depression and anxiety … they will come straight at you with the SSRIs or SSNRIs though, you know the drill

No one on here has ever had issues with it?

You’re not wasting my time, thanks for the reply. I’m very anti medication after propecia but I’m at the point where I think I really need it. Anxiety is so bad I can’t function at work everyday. I think I’ll suggest mirtazapine since a lot of people on here mentioned it helping somewhat. I do see there’s one case of a guy with pssd from it but it still seems safer than SSRIs

I am sorry to hear it’s got so bad for you, LIAustin. I assume you’ve tried meditation, yoga and exercise. If you haven’t tried it with a coach, it might be worth a look. I would look into that before medication. Can you reduce your stress levels at work?

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There are actually pretty many medicines to take. Mianserin, brintellix, agomelatin, mood stabilizers, amitriptyline obviously ect. We havent written so much about them though. We should.

My advice is to be honest and tell about your worries with impotence etc and just let the doctors be doctors and find a medicine which is directed towards your specific problems.

Mirtazipene worsened my PFS and brought new perm sides. Prior to knowing I had PFS I was prescribed paraoxetine which helped for a few years. It raises allopregenolone, lowered levels are what brings on the suicidal thoughts and social problems. I’m not endorsing it at all. Don’t be pushed into a corner. I felt this when I was hanging on to my career and my marriage. I tried numerous SSRIs early last year and each one made me worse. Exercise mindfulness talking therapies, gardening, taking in nature and doing things you once enjoyed help distract. Stay strong