Need advice from veterans about cognitive problems

After my last crash, I have new baseline. My sexual sides are very very bad, but physical and mental sides made me forgot about sexual ones.
I’m slowly loosing all my cognitive ability.
I can’t drive anymore. My brain can’t proces the immages that came from eyes.
I need to recover my cognitive sides or I will lose my part-time job (taxi driver).
My doctor gave me Vortioxetine 2,5mg (Trintellix) and 300mg of sodium valproate but I’m so scared and I don’t taking it.
I need advice by an expert.
After my last crash, my anxiety gone away. I don’t feel suicide mood. So I don’t think i’m depressed. I feel like i’m drunk without positive effects.

I need some help

Hello, sorry to hear that your mental side effects are so severe. There isn’t really anything that is unanimously agreed upon that will help you with the mental sides and we don’t know enough about PFS for there to be experts at this time. I can offer you my personal advice in what has helped me somewhat over the years;

Modafinil - This is a ‘nootropic’ and may not be the easiest for you to acquire but has been the biggest game changer for me; I don’t imagine it actually counteracts the root of the problem than rather mask over it but it improves cognition enough for me to get minor things done. 50-100mg in the morning when required.

Bacopa Monnieri - If you’re having memory issues this may provide some mild relief. 500mg/daily.

Exercise routinely if you can.

I don’t know what you have or haven’t tried supplement and medication wise but a lot of it is trial and error and hopefully over time you will eventually find something that can relieve your symptoms at least partially.

I wish you the best.

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Thank you. I crashed hard on tribulus terrestris and NAC.
Modanafil is illegal in my country.
If I try exercize, I brutally crash.

@Rb26dett since you took SSRIs, did you have lowered hormones? or where your issues mainly neurotransmitter issues?

What was your hormone profile prior to taking tribulus terrestris and NAC?

Do you feel better when your hormones have improved?

My hormones doesn’t changed after NAC and Tribulus.

@Rb26dett what were your hormones? I’m just curious to see.

Do you think your problems are more brain chemical SSRI related instead of hormonal?

I think my problems are releated to receptors (AR). I’m 95% sure.
I think that neurosteroids are a consequrnce, but not the cause.
Maybe, working on neurosteroids may help, but I don’t believe that can the cure us.
I’m thinking to take Vortioxetine or an SSRI on very very low dosage, to see if can work on neurosteroids and not on serotonin. For example, minimum dose of Paroxetine is 20mg, I would take just 1mg or max 3mg.

I don’t know enough about neurosteriods as my problems are not cognitive.

But I have read that there’s a gut relationship between seotonin, have you looked at ways to possibly heal gut issues? (I don’t know if those are your issues)

Sometimes, I think that the poison can be antidote.
You can think that I’m crazy, but if you look our situation, we crash on drugs, supplements or food that should help us. There’s no logic in this madness…
Sorry for my english, my brainfog is so strong. I can’t even write well in Italian

Hello Rb26dett, What is your diet like? I think you can improve cognitive function by intermittent fasting and reducing the types of foods you eat to a few “safe” ones… No sugar, coffee, chocolate, pastas, fast foods, msg, alcohol or drugs and avoid anything that might be a 5AR inhibitor. Start with a one day fast, and try carnivore diet and sea salt for a few a couple of weeks… Oh stop taking any supplements

I’m too skinny to start fasting. My weight is 50kg x 1,68m.

shit that’s very low weight, did you lose as a result of this?

maybe just getting your weight back up to a normal level and some light exercise might help you a bit. I’m way heavier than you and about the same height.

Before Syndrome, my weight was 61kg. I lost 11kg of muscles