Naturally treatment from accutane

Anybody heard about naturally treatment from PAS in time ? if it is possible, what should i do ?

No protocol for PAS. Fix hormones, Eat healthy, avoid stress, do aerobic exercise, find a coping mechanism (meditation, running anything that helps with ptsd), sleep well and don’t experiment too much with supps if you aren’t too bad. Recoveries are random and usually over extended periods of time. You might get worse too before you get better. Find a way to go on with your life keeping yourself busy. Depression and stress will make you worse. If sides are only sexual try to hold a job, degree anthing that would take your mind off your condition.


need nofap or no sex ?

It seems to make no difference. Many have tried abstinence without benefit, myself included.

Some things, there is just no cure for.

The best advice I have heard is to try to optimize your health to the best of your ability without playing with supplements, drugs, and contrived protocols.

If you do get tested and have a hormone deficiency, you could consider HRT, but you may be taking a risk of becoming dependent.

If you can exercise without it causing you pain or making your condition worse, then exercise.

If you can cut out junk foods, excess caffeine, alcohol, nicotine, and eat organic, then do so.

That’s just my opinion on the best course of action until we learn more about this condition.

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What about sex or nofap ? Is sexual abstinence necessary?

Don’t think it is necessary… If you can still perform in some way I would, helps with feeling “normal” for you and for your gf/wife if you have one…

Too much fap is not good even if you are healthy…

You are tinkering around the remote edges with things like “nofap”.

You are looking at a house that has been burned out - and wondering if we spritz the lawn, will some patch of grass grow back?

Propeca, Accutane, SSRIs - these drugs have extreme, devastating, systemic health impacts in some patients - and we will only fix it once we understand exactly has happened to us.

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The best and only thing we can do to recover from Accutane is recruit absolutely as many people suffering from persistent side-effects to fill out the survey.

That is the only way we are going to get scientific research performed and no recovery is going to take place until it happens. Please do everything you can to invite others to fill out the survey.

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