Naturally increase DHT 56% with creatine


Check out this research here

You can naturally increase DHT 56% with creatine. This means that creatine increase % alpha reductase activity which is what is suppressed by finasteride. Let me know if this helps.


If u dig in multiple older threads u wil find out that this study might not be true but worth a shot anyway


It is true that creatine increases DHT. I started with 5g one year ago, but now have to take 20g every day for the same effect cause I messed up my receptors again with too high Testosterone injections during last winter.


@invictus What’s your expectation? That you’ll be able to reduce the dose or that you’ll have to stick to the same amount of creatine?


I have to stick to 20g creatine, 8g tribulus and high t injections until the cure is here. Tried to lower my stuff many times but then i become brain dead instantly.


When you say you messed up your receptors, can you talk a little about that, please?

Were the testosterone injections prescribed?


No it wasnt prescribed. Bought it from a reliable source.

Well, I started TRT on october 20, 2017. I used 150mg/week and felt better in every way. I had my Best libido ever (better than pre pfs) until december , when i started arimidex for the first time. First libido got even stronger but then i crashed a bit. Suddenly my TRT dose wasnt strong enough anymore, i had to double it to 300mg/week. But even then my libido was 50% lower than before and still is to this date. My AR crashed because of the significant rise of Testosterone and DHT by arimidex.


Thankyou for sharing the information, it’s really good to get as much info as possible.

I wonder if anyone else has done the same and if they have found a way to improve things.